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    EasyWDW Passes Away

    So sad... I used his website when we first got our AP's and started taking the kids to WDW regularly. I followed him along his journey to learn photography and he got really good. He knew his stuff and helped me learn the parks. He will be missed
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    Looking for Clearwater/Tampa advice

    Woody's is ok, plenty of other places down Gulf Blvd. Caddy's on Treasure Island is cool and right on the beach. Our best beaches are over the Skyway in my opinion. Anna Maria, Siesta Key and my favorite Nokomis on Casey's Key but that is a hike from Clearwater.
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    Minnie Vans Gone For Good?

    Yep, many times I just had to Uber or Lyft because I couldn't get one.
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    News Disney CEO Bob Chapek hails the metaverse as 'the next great storytelling frontier' and sets up a new team at Disney to create new experiences

    This guy is clown and so out of touch with his customer base. People go to Disney to escape from the metaverse and the chaos of normal life. He needs to learn about storytelling in his parks.
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    News Disney mask policy at Walt Disney World theme parks

    One would think. I guess school bus don't follow TSA guidelines?
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    News Disney mask policy at Walt Disney World theme parks

    Straight from Universal's website. Are face coverings required on resort transportation? We encourage guests who are not fully vaccinated to wear face coverings on resort transportation. Face coverings are optional for guests who are fully vaccinated.
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    News Disney mask policy at Walt Disney World theme parks

    Universal does not require it on transportation
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    Best Disney Springs Restaurant?

    Chef Art Smith’s is our favorite and we also like City Works but I love beer.
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    Restaurant capacity and live entertainment restrictions are currently limiting Walt Disney World theme park attendance according to Bob Chapek

    Good for you! We had AP's from 2014 until last week and we are done. Damn it feel good to be a gangsta...
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    If people want Disney to change then they need to stop drinking the Disney Kool-Aid and quit going. People need to stop apologizing for Disney. I always look at it like any pro sports team. If the owners of a pro sports team are not putting a good product on the field and won't spend money on...
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