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    NBA 2022/23 Official Discussion Thread (Current Champions: Golden State Warriors)

    Golden State are your new NBA Champions.
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    NFL 2022 Season Discussion Thread (Current Champs: Los Angeles Rams)
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    Marvel Developing ‘Wonder Man’ Series for D+

    How many obscure MARVEL shows do we actually need? How many of them are actually going to be successful at that?
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    2020-Gaming discussion

    The new PS Plus went live today. I know what Im doing this weekend.
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    Universal's Great Movie Escape [Rooms] - Fall 2022 Article for those who wanna read up on it
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    Please delete.

    I think that comes with the territory of how the post is also worded, too. There's the overly dramatic posts from said OP that leads into that OP never coming back after the post has been made. Why should anyone give them an actual response if they're never gonna come back to read it, or the...
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    Please delete.

    A few months ago. People abused the report feature while pushing their agenda onto others and it just went out of control.
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    Please delete.

    Theres plenty of other things to talk about if youre upset with Disney as well, just saying lol.
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    Disney Dreamlight Valley (Switch)

    You have a Playstation? ID please
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    2020-Gaming discussion
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    If you guys have an account and post your favorite/random pictures, post your account in here. Made mine today
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    Disney Dreamlight Valley (Switch)

    The game fully comes out next year.
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    Please delete.

    People also stopped posting because there are a few that act like only their opinion on things matter. It happened a lot in the political forum hence why that got shut down. If only one side can get through, whats the point in talking?
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    The Chit Chat Chit Chat Thread

    Say hello to Winnie!
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    The Chit Chat Chit Chat Thread

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