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  1. Dead2009

    NFL 2019-20 Discussion Thread

  2. Dead2009

    Caramel Corn changes

    Can confirm.
  3. Dead2009

    Planet Coaster

    They announced the console versions of this game for PS4 and Xbox One at a Xbox event today, comes out Summer 2020.
  4. Dead2009

    Favorite Horror Movies? (Official Horror Movie Thread)

  5. Dead2009

    General political chat

    Kills your narrative, doesn't it.
  6. Dead2009

    New The World of Disney

    Hello and welcome!
  7. Dead2009

    Current WiFi Coverage & Quality In Parks & Resorts

    Gotta be able to tweet about all the other people in line on their phones.
  8. Dead2009

    General political chat

    The shooter was also reported to be an Asian male, which by MSM standards, the story will disappear by the weekend.
  9. Dead2009

    Support for Colin Kaepernick

    The NFL is the one who apparently set up this workout, not Kaep so I dont know how he's supposed to keep his mouth shut when he didn't know about it until the last minute https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/28074313/colin-kaepernick-know-attend-workout-ahead
  10. Dead2009

    LEGO Incredibles Game Announced

    I played some of this on the Switch yesterday and unlocked Dory.
  11. Dead2009

    The Chit Chat Chit Chat Thread

    It's cold as I dont know what out here and all my dog wants to do is lay on the porch.
  12. Dead2009

    Are all pools heated?

    I'd imagine they would be.
  13. Dead2009

    Disney's Policy On Public Singing - Forming A Flash Mob

    Oh then yeah I definitely wouldn't use that as a source considering everything could be totally different.
  14. Dead2009

    Disney's Policy On Public Singing - Forming A Flash Mob

    How outdated is outdated? This could have been years ago.
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