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Recent content by David copperfield

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    Coronavirus and Walt Disney World general discussion

    Wow. Well, I *was*going to post a trip report. Yacht Club, 4 parks, 4 days. My Dear Wife was gratified to discover 2 new favorite restaurants (her old favorites were covid-closed) & we got to ride smuggler's run. The parks seemed virtually empty. Yes, there were some lines, though largely...
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    Walt Disney World Park Hours cut starting September 8 2020

    Where did I say I was against mask wearing? Or for not wearing? Since you didn't ask, we're completely FOR masks. N-95s, not the token bandannas or check-the-box gaiters/balaclavas. No problem! Nope, thought I was pretty clear but I'll try again--- it's the across-the-board...
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    Walt Disney World Park Hours cut starting September 8 2020

    Wow, just caught up on past few days, amazing how fast convos deteriorate into political mask/no mask ugliness. Someday we'll learn about the "hidden collateral damage" to the divisiveness & shutdowns....longtime friendships shattered, suicides way up, increased substance/domestic abuse, a...
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    Are Magic Bands essential?

    Still catching up....My Dear Wife has wrist neuroma so magic bands out. Our experience has been getting the cards has been a little bit of a hassle. We always stay at the Boardwalk & CMs frequently didn't know what they were at check in. Also in parks! Quizzical looks sometimes. Makes us...
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    Must do Disney has been removed

    Wait, I'm catching up. No free soaps? Even at "deluxe"? What about foot lotion? My Dear Wife loves that stuff.
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    Corona Attendance.

    Wait, come back! I just now checked thread & someone said FriendShip boats not running. When we made reservations I specifically asked CM & he said they are. (?) Visit is end of October.
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    Trip Report Trip Report Sept 19-23

    This is great, thx for details & pics. Exactly what most needed & appreciated by those of us who will be going there soon.
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    Corona Attendance.

    I hope this isnt construed as controversial, it's all IMO. We just made reservations end of October at Yacht Club. Never stayed their, we're Boardwalk ers, but we like the boats to epcot & HS. Not happy about masks, constricted dining & entertainment, but we've been "quarantined &...
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    NOW at Real Life Job

    I hate that feeling where everyone else is in on the joke except me. Oh, wait, this is the feeling where no one is in on the joke. It's like the sound of one hand clapping. Well played, Drake, well played. I think. Or not. (confused)
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    "One And Done" Attractions

    Geez. Hall of Presidents is one of our Top10 Trip Would Not Be Complete Without It things. I find it ridiculously moving, to coin a phrase. Instead of slightly off vaguely disquieting animted mannequind I see flesh-and-blood humans, all extraordinary in their own way, who got me to this place...
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    Cell phones on rides (rant)

    My favorite cellphone selfish moment at Castle fireworks....Yahoo group all had their phones up high, doing selfies in full flash. Crowd actually moved back a little because everyone was being blinded. Muttering starts like a slow wave. Yahoo group gives finger and keeps right on going. Big...
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    For those of us who would really want to live in Disneyworld, the next best thing!

    Completely agree. Shoehorn is the right word, and very odd the right feeling. Zero privacy. For that price point I wouldn't want to listen to the grandchildren next door coming in at midnight from Disney Springs. Hate to sound all 'get off my lawn' but for $2+M.....get off my lawn' lol.
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    News Upscale Walt Disney World experiences packaged under the new 'Crown Collection by Disney'

    Wow, it's stoopid for me to post anything in these discussions, yet...when did going on vacation become a political decision, a moral or ethical judgement? Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. Also, I remember the gloriously uncrowded WDW of 1973. This country' s population was just over 200...
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