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    News 2020 Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival

    I'm am sure they are throwing together something to cover this festival lapse... Perhaps MVMCIJ(Mickey's Very Merry Christmas in July) Festival could do the trick.

    News New exhibit to open inside Palais du Cinéma alongside updated Impressions de France and Beauty and the Beast Sing-Along

    Unfortunately IP wins over historical and cultural experiences these days.

    Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween 2020

    Seriously... why not just start it on July 5th. People will pay for it.

    I Miss WDW More Than DL..

    There are plenty of us that have visited WDW enough times to feel the same way to do in sentence 1. WDW has more to do yes... but over time you will see that too and fall even more into the(price increases, but overall value drops mood). We have never been to DLR, but I am trying to convince...

    Club runDisney is a new membership program offering benefits at runDisney events

    I have no skin in this run disney thing, but just wanted to be the first to say what gets said in all the other threads involving a money grab.... Disney is a company and needs to make money. Seriously though... folks pay that much to run around?

    Exclusive/Private Parking at Parks?

    I hate parking with the peasants too... I just have them clear the park and my personal helicopter lands right on Mains St.

    New Cirque du Soleil 'Drawn to Life' show in development to replace La Nouba

    Since there will now be a strong Disney I the only one who won't be satisfied unless we see Mickey riding a unicycle doing backfilps, Minnie swinging/spinning by her ears and Donald & Daisy as ladder, chair and roller balancing team?

    News Fit2Run now permanently closed at Disney Springs

    That is one of the great things about Disney Spring... some stores do not last past 2 years(if that), so there is always some new stores to see when you go. :jawdrop:

    Fill in the blanks!

    We've been to Walt Disney Word 24 or 25 times and I have the only MK attraction I have never stepped foot in is MILF because my wife took the kids in when they were younger and no one expressed any desire to ever go back in there

    Any info on new building going up at AK...

    Thanks for the info... but unfortunately nothing that is for the vast majority of guests.

    Any info on new building going up at AK...

    Maybe I missed a mention of this somewhere... I am sure it is nothing major, but on our recent visit to AK, we noticed a building being constructed along the pathway from Africa to Pandora... anyone know what this will be?

    News Star Wars Galaxy's Edge passholder preview notification thread

    So I am not a AP holder but my daughter is a Gold AP holder. I know she can not get in, but my question is this... What effect with this AP preview have on the park crowd level overall? We specifically moved our original weeks back to avoid the opening of SWGE crowds.... so will this event...

    AP hotel discount?

    @ ThinkTink... thank you!

    AP hotel discount?

    I assume there is an AP hotel discount? I have no idea as we are DVCers, but I asking for my daughter and her friends who may be going next year. Is it the same discount across all resort classes or is it different? TIA for any info.

    News Date set for reopening of Rafiki’s Planet Watch along with new Animation Experience

    And charge $25 for that experience... and people will go gaga for it and scream it's well worth it!
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