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Recent content by CynBeth

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    Tutto Italia vs Tutto Gusto

    Don’t know anything about Tutto Gusto but love Tutto Italia we have lunch there every trip.
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    The last few trips we have had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner there. Of course their breakfast is great as well. We have a trip booked for that week this year and are hoping to be able to go we will have to see what happens with COVID closer to the time as I have family members with health...
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    Disney California Adventure vs Disney's Hollywood Studios

    We last were at DL for the 50th so was different then it is today. We are not huge thrill ride people so only did a few things at DCA. There might be a few more things now we can do but not much. We enjoy Hollywood Studios so that is my vote.
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    Port Orleans Re-Opening

    We have stayed at both FQ and POR and love them! First was FQ I forget how many years ago but it was before the renovation. Some parks we did not share a bus with POR other times we did. We were in one of the furthest buildings and found it a short walk to the food court and also a short walk...
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    News Magic Kingdom’s Flag Retreat Returns

    We had never seen it until 4 years ago when we were having dinner at Tony’s and had a good spot from our table. We were so moved by it we knew we wanted to make sure to experience it every trip that we usually take every few years. The next time we were having dinner there again but a...
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    So how would WDW be without the coasters?

    We are adults without kids that are ride wimps so don’t go on coasters or some of the other thrill rides and we have a great time at WDW.
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    Where to dine on Animal Kingdom day?

    We do lunch at Rainforest Cafe.
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    TS or QS recommendations wanted.

    I also am not a fan of the Tonga Toast. For breakfast we love WCC at WL. Not sure about prices but our park favorites are: MK - Tony’s. DHS - 50’s PrIme Time Cafe. AK - Rainforest Cafe.
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    Best for B-days?

    When we went on my DH’s birthday 3 years ago he wore a birthday button and at lunch at Tutto and dinner at Le Cellier he has a dairy allergy and was brought sorbet with a candle in it and was sung to. We did not request anything they just did it at both places and it was a nice surprise. Not...
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    WDW or Universal this Christmas?

    Could you extend the trip a little and do a few days at Universal either before or after also with a day at SW to experience their holiday stuff and the rest of the time at Disney?
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    MLB 2021 Discussion Thread

    Now the O’s John Means has joined the no hitter party. So glad I got to watch this it is the first one pitcher no hitter by my team in my lifetime. When I was a teenager 4 pitchers combined for one.
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    HoP vs. AA

    I can’t pick love them both.
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    Disney, DONT bring back 180-day-in-advance restaurant reservations.

    Yes but they don’t work for them. The few CS we have tried could not do much the TS have been fantastic for them. My DH can’t have dairy or any hot spices including black pepper and DM can’t have much salt only 600 mg a day. You would be surprised how much salt food can have including some...
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