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    Caribbean Beach vs PoP Century (transportation)

    I heard about that...very glad to hear it!
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    Caribbean Beach vs PoP Century (transportation)

    I think it will be easier to Uber or Lyft over to DHS. Seem likes a lot of work to wait outside 2 1/2 hours for a ride to the park. Yikes!
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    Caribbean Beach vs PoP Century (transportation)

    Thanks for your feedback. For me, Disney Hollywood studios will be the big park we want to visit early to get on rise of the resistance. I have heard you have to be at DHS when it opens to get a group card otherwise you are out of luck. I do not want to wait outside for two hours to catch a...
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    Caribbean Beach vs PoP Century (transportation)

    I am reading more and more about lines to get on buses, get on the skyliner. Less wait is pretty important to me. I am considering changing from PoP Century to CB for a couple of reasons. One, the skyliner is a central location there and two, the rooms are a bit bigger than PC. I would love...
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    Pop Century transportation wait times

    We considered renting a car. We will need to rent scooters because of my bad back and knee. Is using a car easier than waiting in long lines for transportation or does a car present it's own challenges?
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    Pet policy

    I could see asking that question. I personally wouldn’t bring my cat but you could save money by not paying to board or have a pet sitter come by. Taking care of cats is pretty darn easy. Easier than bring a dog with you that’s for sure! I have dogs and cats and though I considered bringing...
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