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  1. Clyde Birdbrain

    PHOTOS - Magic Kingdom vegetarian food guide now available

    This is great! They’ve been adding a lot of vegan dishes at restaurants lately, but often these are not on the menu and you have to ask.
  2. Clyde Birdbrain

    News Epcot Forever to debut as interim show before full Reflections of Earth replacement

    4 minutes into the Facebook Live video of Illuminations they showed a small preview of Epcot Forever with some concept art and footage of the kites:
  3. Clyde Birdbrain

    News Star Wars Galaxy's Edge Disney's Hollywood Studios opening date

    Relevant sign at Star Wars Half this morning:
  4. Clyde Birdbrain

    News Improvements coming to the entrances of all four Walt Disney World theme parks

    There was a less than normal amount of trams bringing people to the entrance of Epcot this morning, so cast members were helping out with golf carts. That was a fun new Disney vehicle experience. 🙂 We normally walk, but my wife had just run the Star Wars half, so this was helpful. I really...
  5. Clyde Birdbrain

    News Lightning McQueen's Racing Academy (New Show for 2019)

    I liked it. It’s a cute show for kids. The LM animatronic is amazing. I only find that the area around the projected mouth is a little too bright, similar to the too bright faces of Anna and Elsa in Frozen Ever After. I liked the beginning with Mater singing; it reminded me of Junkyard Jamboree...
  6. Clyde Birdbrain

    News New Park Entrance coming to Epcot

    I see topiaries of Pooh, Donald & Daisy, Fantasia Mickey, and Beauty and the Beast in the entrance artwork. I wonder if those will always be there or just for Flower and Garden Festival.
  7. Clyde Birdbrain

    Thoughts about DLP

    Sorry, you're right. I meant Plaza Gardens.
  8. Clyde Birdbrain

    Thoughts about DLP

    Nice to hear that you had a good experience. We were not impressed by the food. We went to Crystal Palace Plaza Gardens and many of the dishes were empty a lot of the time. Here is what it often looked like when we were there: The buffet was split and both sides were almost identical. At...
  9. Clyde Birdbrain

    Thoughts about DLP

    Really? So there are actual photographers walking around outside of the meet and greets? I don't understand why they wouldn't do this during the busy holiday season. There are so many great locations with all the Christmas decorations and it was extremely busy. At least have a photographer in...
  10. Clyde Birdbrain

    Thoughts about DLP

    I'm sorry you had to experience that. That sounds awful. Not seeing any cast members and lack of communication sounds very familiar. We were lucky that nothing happened during the insane crowds on New Year's Eve with no crowd management whatsoever, but when something bad does happen or in case...
  11. Clyde Birdbrain

    Thoughts about DLP

    We recently returned from 3 days at Disneyland Paris where we rang in the New Year with my family. I grew up in Europe and went to DLP regularly in the 1990s and 2000s, then moved to the Orlando area where I have been an annual pass holder at Walt Disney World. I am very familiar with the...
  12. Clyde Birdbrain

    Countdown to 2019: 100-Day Number Photo Challenge

    That concludes the countdown. Thank you all again for playing along. 😄 Congratulations to @Rinx for winning the photo challenge with 17 points! You get all the fame and glory and this beautiful trophy is for you: 🏆 Second place is shared by @DisneyOwl12 and @Tuvalu who have 13 points, and...
  13. Clyde Birdbrain

    Countdown to 2019: 100-Day Number Photo Challenge

    Yes, that is correct. The final number is from Swiss Family Treehouse at Magic Kingdom:
  14. Clyde Birdbrain

    Countdown to 2019: 100-Day Number Photo Challenge

    LOL, I considered making the final number worth 100 points, but my wife talked me out of it. 😉
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