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    Which decade did you first visit WDW?

    Have a trip planned for this October and be there once again on the 1st...Didn't have tickets for that day until today ...Now I can stroll down Main Street just like I did 50 years ago
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    Which decade did you first visit WDW?

    My oldest brother and I drove 12 hours to get there...spent the night in the car...was with in the first 500 into the park
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    Which decade did you first visit WDW?

    Opening Day...October 1 ,1971
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    Hopping into MK on October 1st (50th anniversary)?

    I an wanting to be there on October 1st due to the fact I was there the day the Magic Kingdom open. Would be nice to be there 50 years later
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    Where do you like to eat at Hollywood Studios

    Prime Time is my favorite at the Studios... Always great food and entertainment as well
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    Castaway Cay

    I'm not sure that this is the right place to post this but was wondering if there has been any word on how Castaway Cay faired during the storm?
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    Travel agent or not?

    I will have to agree with using a Travel Agent.. I have used Kingdom Konsultants for many years after the many trips I planned out myself. So much easier and less stess trying to keep up with everything . Disney will make offers and if you don't call to check on then they will not just make...
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    WDW Photo of the Day Thread (Part 10)

    Ok...I a m lost ...where is this?
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    WDW Photo of the Day Thread (Part 10)

    I know this is from Disney Springs because I bought one my last trip...But can you give me an approximate exactly were this is....like what shop it is close to ...thanks
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    WDW Photo of the Day Thread (Part 10)

    I have never seen that before...where exactly is it?
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    Slinky Dog

    Can anyone tell me if Slinky Dog has a single rider line?...thanks in advance
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    What is your one favorite underrated attraction in all of Disney World?

    Carousal of Progress to me ...yes it may be a little outdated but still a classic...And also the Hall of Presidents
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    Then vs. Now: Your observations

    Then : Mr. Toads Wild Ride Now :The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
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    WDW Photo of the Day Thread (Part 10)

    Ok...I give up...I can not picture where this is...I'm sure just as soon as you say I will know exactly where it is
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    Happy 47th & 36th Birthdays MK, Epcot, & The Walt Disney World Resort

    You are correct...I was going by what another poster had said ...That means it's another year closer * LOL *
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