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  1. ChampDisney

    Disney's Streaming Services: Disney+ (and Hulu, ESPN+, & hotstar)

    Could Disney make the Simpsons great again? Crisp!!
  2. ChampDisney

    Disney and Jon Favreau Joining Forces on “The Lion King”

    I’m watching this regardless. The trailer captures what we know about the original brilliantly. I’ve always found the casting choices questionable. Scar sounded soft in this trailer. I worry over Beyonce the most, regardless, I’m seeing this movie opening weekend. The Lion King is my all time...
  3. ChampDisney

    What is the worst pixar movie ?

    I saw Cars 2 in theaters, it was dreadful.
  4. ChampDisney

    Jussie Smollett must not return to work for Disney/Fox.

    How do you like being angry all the time yourself?
  5. ChampDisney

    Jussie Smollett must not return to work for Disney/Fox.

    Because I’m sure you are an individual with morals and decency. What this B list celebrity did was use his color and sexual orientation to his advantage with the strong belief that everyone in the liberal media will instantly stand proudly with him because of the fact that he’s black and gay...
  6. ChampDisney

    Michael Jackson

    Everything that has been reported since and before the release of the documentary was reported on that page first. Watch a livestream and find out for yourself.
  7. ChampDisney

    Michael Jackson

    I recommend everyone with a Facebook to follow “Supporters of Wade Robson and other victims of MJ”. They tend to break all the latest stories first (I’m looking at you, Barbie Streis) and have direct contact with Wade Robson. The amount of new information coming out from all of this is...
  8. ChampDisney

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Official Discussion Thread

    With all of the reiteration after reiteration with no breaks in between, all for the sake of selling toys. I love TMNT, but I hate Nickelodeon’s constant pressing of the restart button. Just take the time to get it right and they’re won’t be any need for a reboot. At least, I’m excited for...
  9. ChampDisney

    Dora and the Lost City of Gold

    What happened to Boots’ boots?
  10. ChampDisney

    The Punisher

    Punisher and Daredevil were amongst my favorite shows on Netflix, period. Do I see any of these Marvel shows resurrecting on another platform? Don’t know. What I do know is there may be a slight possibility of these characters (as portrayed by the same actors) popping up on the big screen. It...
  11. ChampDisney

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Official Discussion Thread

    I love crossovers but the ones that make sense and fit organically within each others storyline. This is it.
  12. ChampDisney

    Deadline: James Gunn back on GoTG3

    He’s having his last match in April, so that’s doubtful. Big Dave has always been quite the emotional guy.
  13. ChampDisney

    Toy Story 4

    I wonder if they’ll go this route with Frozen 2. If so, it may end up being better than the first. Anyways, I can’t be more excited for this film... and wait a minute... is it just me or does Gabby Gabby’s hencemen look an awful lot like Slappy the Dummy from Goosebumps?
  14. ChampDisney

    Pinocchio live action reboot

    You might just want to knell before a star and wish for them to cancel it.
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