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    So who is going?

    I will still be going but spending less....with prices (not only Disney) going up everywhere, I've realized I don't need to buy so much stuff...I don't have to do as many special events, I'm good with Very Merry and Dapper Day)...I'll try to make dinner reservations at the places I've had the...
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    Dear Abby

    I have to say I've done Disney with family, friends, etc and I also will not do it again...I love them but since their grown I think they can manage their trips without me. I go to Disney to enjoy what I want love to do without teens, babies, adults/kids who complain about heat, cold, lines...
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    News Remy's Ratatouille Adventure coming to Epcot

    I guess I'll have to wait until after the Holidays...
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    Is Universal going to catch up to Disney on nighttime shows?

    I love Universal and Disney but at certain times a year Universal out does Disney...it's more walking friendly as everything is in one area...clubs, movies, shops, food...etc...easier for families...their Meet-and-Greet events are great, tickets are pricey but compared to what you get at...
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    News Disney plans to include a black Santa Claus at Walt Disney World this year as the company continues its diversity and inclusion program

    Well as a Latina...we really don't have a "Santa"...we have the "Three Kings"....January 6th...Sea World has a beautiful event every year and it's packed...maybe Epcot might be able to do the same...
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    News Disney’s Fiscal Full Year and Q4 2021 Earnings Results Webcast

    I don't think you can bring "food" into the park, but you can eat a good breakfast (outside of park), bring a snack into the park, and have dinner in the Disney area....
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    Crowd levels this week? November 9-12

    Well I truly didn't see that coming also...I'll be at Epcot Nov 12th....
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    News Disney Very Merriest After Hours

    Well I guess I won't be able to take them, not at those prices....I'll take them to Disney Springs, movie, much cheaper.
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    Cape May Menu Q

    I loved Cape May before Covid...now not so much...I'm hoping it will go back to "buffet" in the near future.
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    Who's collecting Happy Meal toys?

    Snow White and Dwarf’s key chains…my daughter thought it might to dangerous for my granddaughter, at the time, so she gave them to me to put away. I’ve had them for years, never opened the packets. She's 27 now and she still laughs that I still have them.
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    News Severe weather expected for the Central Florida theme park areas including Walt Disney World on Thursday Oct 28

    Make sure you have the essentials due to power failures....outdoor furniture should be moved indoors, drain pool just a little due to heavy rains...this is normal for Florida...remember "hurricane season" is not officially over...just be safe
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    Disney forcing us to $pend even more at their re$ort$

    I knew businesses were going to try to make up for monies lost during the pandemic but the prices are over the top. That being said I will still visit Disney but won't be staying at their resorts the ones in the area are just fine and cheaper, my shopping will be on a tight budget, will only...
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    News Disney Very Merriest After Hours

    Thanks...I hope I can get them when they do go on "sale"....these kids would sooooooo happy...
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    News Disney Very Merriest After Hours

    I have a reservation at Magic Kingdom for Nov 12th....I'd love to take my neighbors children to this Very Merry (they've been so good during this Covid19 period) does anyone think they'll open the purchase of this event to "passholders"?
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