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    Mermaid is not overrated, and is a great fit for Fantasyland... prove me wrong.

    Plus the best rides are the ones where things happen to you. Eddie Sotto and Tony Baxter are big on this ideas as are others and I agree. The Little Mermaid ends up being a book report of the source material, and arguably not a great one. 20K was certainly a ride where things happened to you.
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    Coronavirus and Walt Disney World general discussion

    Something else you are going to possibly see happen is those that are unvaccinated will have to use sick and or personal days banked. Where as vaccinated and still getting Covid19 positive they will not have to use them.
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    Imagineers finding new ways to bring larger than life characters to the parks

    Not likely to get any better. Their friends and family perks were just taken away. (I would link it but the site is censored here)
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    Imagineers finding new ways to bring larger than life characters to the parks

    It depends on the goal. We have seen CM's as characters running for their lives from gas leaks in Fantasyland in retrospect specials among many other things that would spoil the illusion. Within the park, the attractions and characters are real.
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    Troubling Party Season Update

    Just the bad maintenance continues.
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    News Tom Sawyer Island closed due to suspicious person

    What was the person suspicious about? Maybe the person was suspicious of all the changes coming to nearby attractions and Bob and Bob had him closed in out of spite and punishment.
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    Smoking ban at Disneyland and Disney World thoughts..

    Yep. And that is my gripe with Universal and Sea World still. There are not just a couple in every park. They are pretty frequent and sometimes poorly placed to where they are in traffic. Like the Battery Park covered seating area. They should never be a smoking area. Citywalk has had many...
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    Splash Mountain Announcement for Disneyland

    Its about that Plush and PR that is why.
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    Universal's Epic Universe (South Expansion Complex) - Construction Resumed

    People love to hate Shrek and have been saying they know it is leaving any year now for a long time. Of course it is showing its age and is not the strongest 4D show. The fact that it was oversaturated and released on netflix and marketed as a halloween shrot many saw cheapened it a lot as well...
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    News Tron coaster coming to the Magic Kingdom

    Also, not to be overlooked is CoP is a physically turning show building.
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    Coronavirus and Walt Disney World general discussion

    I don't even think it is a debate as far as the company's choice. I think it is just once they feel the vaccinated within their company are within their best efforts as it will hit the required time for all CMs to be done. Their hope would be if the data shows good news again of course. Again...
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    Coronavirus and Walt Disney World general discussion

    Just a heads up I heard there were meetings going on about making Masks indoor optional again by next week. Just in time for the 50th. It could be loose scuttle and hopes.
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    Have we done this video, yet? Fight Breaks Out at Walt Disney World Ferry

    Another sad fact is you would know this is not the first instance of these sort of altercation when a child reacts that way to hope it stops.
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    News Tron coaster coming to the Magic Kingdom

    Leave out Universal's accomplishments if you would like. Disney is still in the state of giving hungry people chicken and calling it a steak. As with anything, they are their own competition. It is hard to give it any sort of pass on the standards the company once was at with the pandemic when...
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    News Tron coaster coming to the Magic Kingdom

    The fact that it has taken Disney longer than it took Universal to build both the the complexity and theming of Hagrids, as well as the thrills of Velocicoaster,(and still waiting six months or more) I would say that just about any new addition would be welcome to MK.
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