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    The short answer is no. I will let others give the long answer.
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    Trip Report Shrouded In A Daft Disguise

    Following along but not as late as I usually am :cool:
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    Trip Report Making Lemonade out of Lemons Fractal Family Trip Report

    Can't wait to hear the stories!!!
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    Will Disney Parks ever go cashless and just take debit and credit cards?

    I know that the majority of people don't pay with cash, but the last time I checked somewhere between 25% - 30% still pay in cash. That is hardly a "cashless" society.
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    The Red Button Option

    You've been saving this one haven't you? :cool::cool:
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    The Red Button Option

    Not sure these guys are morons or have been on TV, but these are from the articles I looked at while considering whether to go or not. "We do not have any reason to assume that the immune response would be significantly different" from what's seen with other coronaviruses, said Nicolas...
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    The Red Button Option

    How is that risky? The consensus of medical professionals seems to be that immunity in the first few months after having Covid is almost a certainty. Yes I realize that this is a new virus, but comparing it to other betacoronaviruses of similar nature, that seems to be the way they behave. I...
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    Trip Report It's been 6 years and a global pandemic, but we are back!

    Following along! Looks like it will be a great time!!!
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    The Red Button Option

    We are in the same situation, except we are coming from out of state. With so many other good deals around the area, there is no way we will stay on property like we usually do. Not everyone considers a trip about risking their health. We have both had it, and I trust my doctor that we don't...
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