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Recent content by buckeyegator

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    Wow.....just wow. This is low and sad....

    playing devils advocate, is free, or redused park addmission part of their salary package, or just a perk?
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    Help on avoiding rack rates

    remember, when discounts, ie disney visa, passholder are offered, they are for a limited number of rooms, ie a discount at as movies is not for every room, and usually they are furthest away from main buildings, so as soon as you see them, call and reserve, you can always change.
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    Self serve drink stations are back!

    i have not gotten them for awhile, did not know there was a chip in them to let the machines know they were old, my bad
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    Self serve drink stations are back!

    you think they really check the color of the re-fill mugs to match the days of your stay?
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    Self serve drink stations are back!

    i do not see how pushing my cup against the drink lever, never touching the pouring nozzle is going to spread the virus, the cup never comes in contact with any part of the pouring process, some people are germaphobes to the max, it is out of control.
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    dog friendly resorts

    which ones are they, do you need to come back to walk your dog, does maid service have any problems with them in their kennals?
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    Self serve drink stations are back!

    i have eaten at numerous fast-food joints that say ask for a new cup for refill, have yet to see anyone actually request a new cup.
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    WDW Buses

    yes it is a real problem with busses when the skyliner goes down, they have to be scrambled from other routes, best bet from mid june to mid september if staying on a skyliner route is busses after about 2pm when the storms usually begin.
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    WDW Buses

    i know they still run busses from pop and aoa, even with the skyliner, just not as many, hopefully they were added to other resort runs to cut down on wait times.
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    How are the Buffet Restaurants doing service?

    are you sure, have you been there,have heard conflicting reports.
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    MK Park Reservations

    watch all ears and/or wdw magic sites daily. they are good about updating more availability.
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    How are the Buffet Restaurants doing service?

    i still believe it could be done cafeteria-style, 3 or 4 servers behind the food lines, 4 or 5 to roam the dining room to clean off tables.
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    july 4th and return to normal.

    to me july 4th is a great day to return fireworks, parades, showing our country is almost back to normal, predict at least 50%, if not more capacity,re-opening of resorts and food venues shuttered now.
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    trams from the parking lots

    maybe some of those disney higher-ups need to walk 15 minutes in the heat, or 15 minutes after 12 hours in the parks, or in the june-september rains, bet they would come back.
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    liberty tree tavern

    ate there today for the first time in 5 or 6 years, must say was pleased by both the food quality and value.with our 10% ap discount it was about 35 dollars each for salad,rolls, all you could eat platter, dessert and beverage, imo very good bang for the buck, thoughts?
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