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  1. bubbles1812

    Voyage of the Little Mermaid is done, won't reopen with the parks.

    Has this actually been confirmed or is this still in the rumor category? Just curious.
  2. bubbles1812

    NY Times: Bob Iger Effectively Back As CEO

    Out of morbid curiosity, what Box Office failures are you referring to here? Disney had 60+ % market share on the Box Office and some of the biggest money making franchises and IP of all time. And their original content certainly doesn’t do badly. Look at Frozen 2! Or any of the movies from the...
  3. bubbles1812

    Coronavirus and Walt Disney World general discussion

    Allow me to give a perspective from a physician's point of view. I am a family med doc in Northern Indiana. We have 32 cases "officially" [though we received 5 more positives this am so it's not entirely accurate.] Currently, I am sitting in the atrium of our testing facility waiting for...
  4. bubbles1812

    Is the parks going to be open in May of this year and is there going to be screening done at the hotels.

    Poor you. I spent yesterday ransacking my outpatient family med office, hoping to find some overlooked Personal Protective Equipment. We found 100 face fields, 3 packs of gowns, and 5 N95 masks. The director of our testing center nearly cried. It’s ok to be frustrated about cancellations but...
  5. bubbles1812

    Coronavirus and Walt Disney World general discussion

    I can tell you, as a family physician, who works for a large independent physician group, we do not have enough supplies. Our N95 masks are under lock and key at my site as is the rest of our PPE equipment to prevent them from “walking off.” We were informed use one squirt per bottle on our...
  6. bubbles1812

    WDW Favorite Attraction Bracket Polls-Round #3-Group #14 (2 of 4 in this round)

    I will never understand the love for Soarin’ ... I can sit in front of an IMAX with terrible CGI anytime. Lol. TOT, Space, Pirates
  7. bubbles1812

    Honey I Shrunk The Audience...Could it Return?

    I remember loving the playground and the show. I’d rather have it return in some format than tired Pixar shorts or the utterly awful (and now probably way too controversial) Captain EO. Can I just keep wishing for an Imagination ride revamp and a film that features Figment?
  8. bubbles1812

    Best memories from your first trip?

    1995- I was a wee 7 year old and truthfully don’t remember much about the trip. It was the only trip we drove down (from Iowa) and I do remember staying at a dive motel in Georgia, haha. The only standout memory is from our last night. My youngest brother was 3 at the time and so was somewhat...
  9. bubbles1812

    Will these prices ever cap out?

    I know about the free water and I still wind up buying the overpriced water some of the time. If I had a dollar for every time we’ve forgotten the dang water bottles in the fridge.... the Magic Bands make the buying of water pretty mindless if you’re not careful about it as well, which is of...
  10. bubbles1812

    Operational issues at the People Mover - no longer walk on and one mess of a queue

    I feel like it’s had a lot of maintenance issues of late. I was evacuated off of it in September after a good 30 minutes sitting there, and it stopped for a good 15 minutes while we were on it in December. Usually I’ll ride multiple times a visit but after my two experiences, I felt one ride...
  11. bubbles1812

    Avoiding Hollywood Studios too?

    Eh? We were there two days after ROTR opened. And multiple times after in that week. ‘Twas’ fine. We had no issues with crowds and they are still in BG mode so even the crowds around ROTR are managed. SWGE is large and it never felt jam crowded to me even at midday. Go to DHS and enjoy! (And...
  12. bubbles1812

    Unpopular Disney World Opinions

    1. I like FP+ and it works pretty well, at least at the individual level. 2. Soarin’ isn’t a great attraction. I can find an IMAX screen anywhere and the CGI is terrible in it. 3. The crowds (other than at the HEA fireworks) aren’t that bothersome and are fairly easy to work around. (I recognize...
  13. bubbles1812

    Diamond Horseshoe Restaurant

    While my dad is not bald, he did receive a cowboy hat and a huge kiss on his cheek from Miss Kitty. I have never seen my dad more red. I was 10, brothers 8 and 6. We still laugh about it to this day. It was a fun show. If it still existed today, I’d probably do it every once in awhile. I am at...
  14. bubbles1812

    Harmonious Theme and Soundtrack already set fail?

    You... are a serious one trick pony. The only thing I’ve seen from you going back to D23 is a constant whine about Epcot. I know change is hard but it’s happening, whether you like it or not. Find a silver lining! Epcot has needed a revamp for while and a lot of the changes seem like they’ll at...
  15. bubbles1812

    Resort Help Please!

    I’ll echo the posters who say keep POR. It is our “home” resort... We’ve stayed on property 10/11 trips and half of them have been at POR, including this past Dec 7-15. I’ve been in the Royal Rooms once and they have great Disney theming. The regular bayou rooms have added Disney (mainly...
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