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    Transformative Multi-Year Expansion Announced for WDS Paris

    O jeez, I could not deal with another decade of WDS remaining a half day park if the expansion was scrapped. At the very least we need to see Marvel, Frozen and the Lake. I hope there is not much in the speculation.
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    Imagineering : share here your ideas about DLP future

    I would also love to see a Fantasyland expansion. I would take a different approach though, and incorporate a Hercules attraction also behind the railroad. I like the way Adventureland is Paris incorporates lands within lands. So you have an Arabian area, pirates area, and hopefully in the...
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    Disneyland Paris Reopening

    Just is it worth going really? Me and my partner are considering a little European road trip, so should we take a day out and do Disney or not?
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    Disneyland Paris Reopening

    Not keen to travel yet, but would be eager to hear peoples thoughts who've had a chance to go.
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    Splash for DLP Gives Way to Western River Expedition?

    I really wish Toni would stop with all these good ideas that I then go onto overthink about. 😂
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    Rumor Tiana’s Place at Walt Disney Studios Park?

    Ooooo, like the look of this. Paris needs so much better dining options.
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    News Tokyo Disneyland Closed

    O perfect, did not realise that, that's made my decision a whole lot easier thanks.
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    News Tokyo Disneyland Closed

    It's so difficult, and I have no bias either way, as I have never been to either. I am going off the assumption BatB will be open, but even with that I still can't decide. I have been to Florida, California and Paris, so I have visited three castle parks now, however Tokyo's castle park of...
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    Will you be boycotting Mulan?

    I can't say whether or not this film is deemed a good representation from the CCP POV, until I have seen it of course. But with such stringent film censorship in China, and this film being one of 34 that will be authorized to be released in China this year, I am seriously concerned it will serve...
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    Will you be boycotting Mulan?

    Kind of. Obviously Disney would not be bold enough to pull the movie. But globally I believe we should be make a conscious effort to boycott the movie. We can't immediately redo all of our trade relations with China, but interim I strongly encourage people turning our backs to these cultural...
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    News Tokyo Disneyland Closed

    I am going to start planning my trip to Japan again soon. As far as Disney is involved, I plan on visiting the parks for 2 and a half days. So the day I arrive I will visit one park in the afternoon, and the following two days I will spend two full days across the two separate parks. My...
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    Will you be boycotting Mulan?

    Apologies if this is in the wrong section of the forum, I have not been on here for that long, and still trying to get the hang of the site/site culture, etc... My questions is will people here be boycotting Mulan? With the recent events in Hong Kong, and the CCP's continued efforts to squash...
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    Tokyo Disneyland Resort Expansion

    The Tokyo App is sooooo much better than any other app. :D
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    What will be the next change in an attraction?

    Jungle Cruise seems the obvious choice in the current climate. I hope they don't touch the Hall of Presidents. I only went on it last year for the first time, and I had to re-ride/watch it three times throughout my stay, it was amazing. I'm British, so hold no affiliation to US history, nor...
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    News Tokyo Disneyland Closed

    I would rather Japan stick to there guns and keep Splash how it is. It would be a good example of having the same ride system, but completely different themes, which I would like to see more of globally, as Disney keep insisting on a copy and paste job.
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