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Recent content by asianway

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    Party Season 2021

    @drew81 and you thought villains unleashed couldn’t get worse
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    Party Season 2021

    Once In a lifetime photo backdrops
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    Man Accused of Stealing Buzzy's Clothing from Disney World Arrested

    Those signs fall down/hit by cars all the time. They’re much easier to get when they’re on the ground
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    Party Season 2021

    So if nothing happens can this be the last time with the fear mongering?
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    Politics 28000 Layoffs coming to Disney's domestic theme parks - statement from Josh D'Amaro

    Ah I was curious I had thought the test only works for three months after but who knows at this point, there so many conflicting stories
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    News Reflections of Earth confirmed to be replaced by Harmonious

    Ah reminds me of the night Surrell and Kleyla were on here defending WDI
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    Dining with characters is done

    Bison steaks there were awesome
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    Dining with characters is done

    I remember when they first opened they had the Top of the World dressing on the salad bar
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    Rumor Toy Story friends makeover

    Does Buzz look more like “Lightyear” now?
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    News WDW loses Pop Warner to Universal and Camping World Stadium

    I wouldn’t expect to see all stars to open for a long time
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