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Recent content by asianway

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    The T-shirt hasn’t even sold out online. Think again, aside from a few whales, AC fans are notoriously cheap
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    That’s not accurate, there were literally 4 of them out in costume 10 days ago. Pretty sure there’s others tucked around property and certainly still acting in Orlando that would take the gig
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    News Walter E. Disney overhaul

    So what shape is Roy in? I’ve been following the other three in their various threads the last ten years and don’t think it came up? Thanks
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    Rumor Meet and Greets

    You’ll never see the bloat that was before covid, things got entirely off the rails. This is one case where a reset was sorely needed
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    Any Golfers Out There

    Try Scott sanders on the tweeter
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    News Ohana reopening July 9th

    Remove two beloved menu items. Cause outrage. Bring back the cheap one. Rubes are overjoyed.
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    Party Season 2021

    That escalated quickly
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    Disney After Hours BOO BASH

    If this sells, no way MNSSHP comes back.
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    SpectroMagic: The short term and long term future

    DEG kept the hippo/gator topper. And supposedly 3 float chassis were salvaged for driver training
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    Party Season 2021

    @drew81 and you thought villains unleashed couldn’t get worse
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    Party Season 2021

    Once In a lifetime photo backdrops
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