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  1. Anjin

    News Star Wars Galaxy's Edge Disneyland opening reports/reviews

    If I can find five ladies of the night with APs, I'm gonna... ... nevermind.
  2. Anjin

    Disneyland’s Splash Mountain marks 30 wet years on Wednesday, July 17 - OCR/SCNG

    Poor Mr Nunis's name is no good for this forum. 🤣
  3. Anjin

    Haunted Mansion Christmas Overlay Dates?

    I'd sooner replace the bride than the singing busts. What a nightmare that thing is. Who thought projection mapping her hands and weapons moving on her body was a good idea?
  4. Anjin

    News Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge - Historical Construction/Impressions

    It's funny to me because Disney taking over is what reminded me how much I used to like Star Wars. The prequels had actually left me thinking that maybe I didn't actually like it anymore. But The Force Awakens and the Marvel comic made me a fan again. Heck, I even liked The Last Jedi. I get...
  5. Anjin

    Dining Recommendations

    It doesn't seem to be a popular choice here, but I always love to eat at Carnation Cafe. Obviously check the menu, but I haven't ever been unhappy with a meal there.
  6. Anjin

    Anaheim’s GardenWalk now boasts an AMC theater, new shops and more food options - OCR/SCNG (Now 96 percent leased)

    Sounds like they want GardenWalk to be what I always imagined Downtown Disney would be.
  7. Anjin

    A Second Earthquake - 7.1 in Ridgecrest

    I live in Riverside and I have not felt a thing. We feel so left out here.
  8. Anjin

    News Disneyland offers $99 summer parkhopper ticket deals to annual passholders - OCRegister

    Disneyland offers $99 summer parkhopper ticket deals to annual passholders https://www.ocregister.com/2019/06/27/disneyland-offers-99-summer-parkhopper-ticket-deals-to-annual-passholders/
  9. Anjin

    The Miscellaneous Thought Thread

    Enjoying Castle Park for Father's Day. It's been very pleasant and not at all crowded.
  10. Anjin

    News Main Street Cinema Chapeked - UPDATE!!

    You're pulling our legs with this picture, right? There is no way they would do something this awful, right? Right?
  11. Anjin

    News Main Street Cinema Chapeked - UPDATE!!

    I can accept a lot for the sake of progress. But WHAT. THE. HELL. This is beyond the pale even for me.
  12. Anjin

    Hyperspace Mountain: I find your lack of end date disturbing.

    I would rather have **** Dale back. EDIT: LOL
  13. Anjin

    Rumor Disneyland Tomorrowland Future - What to do?

    I'm with you. The more I consider it, the more I want Tomorrowland to go in the opposite direction from Galaxy's Edge. I would love for them to embrace an old fashioned Walt Disney-style optimistic futurism for the land.
  14. Anjin

    News Star Wars Galaxy's Edge Disneyland opening reports/reviews

    Watching the JustinScarred video. He's a bit much, but the enthusiasm is infectious. Black Spire Outpost looks great, but I really love how green the west side of the land is. The walk from Critter Country looks like it is going to be amazing.
  15. Anjin

    News Disneyland’s new Star Wars land is enforcing the theme park’s official costume policy

    I get that Disney is going to Disney, but this is the most baffling decision.
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