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    Beetlejuice's Graveyard Revue Music

    Pretty sure "Zombie Jamboree" (Harry Belafonte) was in there, but that might have been Halloween season only. Also finished with Evanescence's "Bring Me to Life."
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    Disney statement on Walt Disney World entertainment

    No, but I know some let go, along with most of the other staff, so I assume their restaurants are not re-opening any time soon.
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    News Goodbye to The Grand Floridian Society Orchestra

    I believe it's the same team behind Scream & Stream, the drive-thru Halloween event in the same location, which was a lot of fun. Created by a former HHN manager and huge Disney fan, I fully expect the band to be treated with respect.
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    When Did WDW Become An Extended Vacation Destination?

    Actually went as a non-local kid, probably around 1980, give or take a year. I got to ride an elephant, which was a highlight at that time of my life. Flash forward 30 years after I eventually moved to Champions Gate--which didn't exist when I was a kid--and head to my local Target, only to...
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    Hours Changing in August

    Looks like Cowfish and BigFire, potentially others in CityWalk, have cut hours to 4 - 10, Thursday thru Sunday.
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    Hours Changing in August

    No question if there's been a "winner" (using that term very loosely) in re-opening, it's been DHS, which has 4 new E-tickets even a lot of APs never got a chance to ride. MK coasts on nostalgia and the novelty of walking onto everything. The other parks are clearly struggling.
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    News Mizner's Lounge to be expanded at Disney's Grand Floridan Resort into a Beauty and the Beast inspired lounge

    As the original source--used to post here years ago, still pop in on occasion to read Martin's posts and see if the Spirit ever returned--it's not a joke. I wish it were. Construction starts in 2 weeks. I want to say current Mizner's capacity is around 65; they'll be adding a huge bar in the...
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    A Spirited Valentine ...

    Talked to some friends in the business today (groundlings, no one near the level of a George K). Word from on high is that Disney Springs is absolutely slaughtering business at many of the locations above--Citricos and Jiko were mentioned specifically. Apparently guests would rather get better...
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    New nighttime show 'Rivers of Light' confirmed to be coming to Disney's Animal Kingdom

    Fireworks (and fire, I suppose) are primal. They'll always be attention-getting on a basic human level. There are some simple things that theme parks, no matter how technologically advanced, should still never get rid of. I don't care how many audio-animatronics and screenz you have, crowds are...
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    Planet Hollywood unveils redesign for Disney Springs

    The whole thing feels like a Frankenstein's monster of a restaurant to me. Like halfway through making the planned Jekyll-&-Hyde-Club-like "Observatory"/"Stargazers Lounge" they gave up on that theme and ran back to Planet Hollywood to keep the name and some (but hardly all) of the PH...
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    Characters in Flight closing for redesign

    Saw it today, it looks sharp. Of course, it will be faded all to hell by September. Sun and rain are not kind to fabric (umbrella on my lanai doesn't last a full Summer either).
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    High prices at the Arts Festival food kiosks (compared to other EPCOT festivals)

    I will say, for all the complaints about "permanent" booths, lines (mostly for booze) were insane on Sunday. Germany wrapped around the building to get to beer window, Odyssey line was out the door, Rose & Crown was its typical madhouse. You could have had four more booths just selling booze and...
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    High prices at the Arts Festival food kiosks (compared to other EPCOT festivals)

    Agreed the art aspects were a bit underwhelming. I think one tent had an artist I hadn't seen before. Otherwise, the usual suspects--David Doss, Jasmine Becket Griffith, the "Boiled Pages" lady (who is actually wonderful, I wish I could remember her name). Very talented people, but nothing you...
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    Mardi Gras Question

    If park is open until 10, rides will stay open. On days the parade closes the park, will generally let you get in line right until parade steps off. The event is limited to Studios, has no effect on IoA.
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    MARDI GRAS 2017
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