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  1. 6laurac

    give me your best tips for a covid Disney trip

    I’ll look for some copper straws to take our next trip. Thanks
  2. 6laurac

    Mouse Gears Re-open date and Emporium

    Hi, Has any new information been given about the Mouse Gears store opening back as the renovated store? I wonder will the Emporium also get a facelift as the next store to be remodeled.
  3. 6laurac

    Key Lime Tarts at Sunshine Season

    I just checked the official menu for Sunshine Season at Epcot to see if the key lime tarts are back. Has anyone had one since last year? Am I to never have that sweet tart taste after my salmon and green beans again? And I won’t mention not getting a piece of cornbread with my meal either as...
  4. 6laurac

    give me your best tips for a covid Disney trip

    Sorry to ask but what is different about copper straws than stainless reusable ones? That is a good idea by the way since I do not like the biodegradable straws taste
  5. 6laurac

    July weather vs. central NC? Same?

    Definitely we will take breaks which is part of why we are staying so long and I will use my NUUN electrolytes for our water too. We also all use BOCO athletic masks with a filter regularly and take spares. I honestly think from being there in June a long time ago the hottest part of the parks...
  6. 6laurac

    July weather vs. central NC? Same?

    We are going on an Disney extended trip in July. I’m from NC and it’s in the 90’s here than too. Is the weather really any different in Orlando than central NC? We are all looking forward to the parks, swimming and me running early. I know it’ll be crowded which is why we are staying longer...
  7. 6laurac

    Should we go...?(That is going to be "no".)

    DS is actually more purposeful about wearing masks and eating while walking than some parks (AK).AK Had lots of nose showing and truly Frustrated me to see CM to not say anything When they were passed. I’m here now and a Couple were eating right in front of the Orange deck escalator and were...
  8. 6laurac

    Parks now-Greater capacity

    I see that the last week Disney has increased capacity and wait times but of course, nothing positive was Added for its guests. We are going next week and I’m hoping that two days per park will get us as many experiences (rides) as possible. My daughter hopes to ride, as an example, Seven Dwarfs...
  9. 6laurac

    Shopping in the parks now

    How are the park stores maintaining social distancing and are they letting potential shoppers handle products? Stores here are dissuading shoppers from picking up and handling items (look but not touch) type shopping. I have seen posts about rides, walking and eating but not about what the...
  10. 6laurac

    Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend

    I've never ran a Disney race so Jan. 7 will be my first and last big exciting time at a racecation. Should I wear my magic band during the race to get back into my room or store it with my phone in my waist bag? Also (a dumb question I know) for those who wear Minnie/Mickey ears, how do you...
  11. 6laurac

    Caribbean Beach 9 days or just last three at POR?

    I'm not going to split it up, I'm just hoping the CBR is in good shape and we stay near the bus.
  12. 6laurac

    Caribbean Beach 9 days or just last three at POR?

    Have a great trip!
  13. 6laurac

    Caribbean Beach 9 days or just last three at POR?

    Please report back how things were and which building you get. I'm booking a standard room (the view for me is at the parks). I haven't stayed on property in years and that was at POR.
  14. 6laurac

    Music Loops

    I'm listening to the Magic Kingdom entrance loop and was wondering are they still playing the same music loops as the one I have on cd from 2011? Also, how many different ones are there just for the Magic Kingdom alone? And which music loop of all the parks is you favorite? I love the Main...
  15. 6laurac

    Caribbean Beach 9 days or just last three at POR?

    Will there still be a food court and a store we can get our park purchases from? I like the idea of having purchases sent to the resort. I answered someone else and really want to know what building to request that is close to the buses. Getting out at 3:30 am and getting on a bus even at Disney...
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