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    WDW Myth: Pirates of the Carribean is being haunted by George

    I have, never "met" George, nor do I care to. However, I worked at rides in a amusement park, things happen. It's not usually ghosts, but a careless guest/worker who didn't check the ride. If the boat shook violently, it was probably because the weight distribution was off. The pic didn't load...
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    Not Impressed with Pandora

    We had fast passes for this, but irma got in the way, now we have to wait in "normal" line... I hope it's not as boring as it sounds.
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    Mail a coconut?

    Thank you! I couldn't find anything recent (like, less than a year old) about them, though, I do believe they are still 20$ now that I think about it ..
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    Mail a coconut?

    Can you still mail a coconut? Also, do they still do the special postmark for the parks?
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