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Discussion in 'WDW Parks General Discussion' started by Djali999, Dec 20, 2003.

  1. Djali999

    Djali999 Active Member

    Nov 4, 2003
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    okay. I collect Djali (duh). and as you may know, Disney has an "offical" Djali pose that is him sitting down looking rather proud of himself. this "seated" pose is the bane of my existence. there is NO Djali merchandise in existence that doesn't use this same pose.

    while at Disneyland in June I actually had a custom watch done by Eric Scales from the Watch shop on Main Street. since there was no precedent for Djali watches, he drew a custom pose and had to wait for some department in Orlando to approve it. I got it in the mail in October.

    now, I go off to Downtown Disney the other day and strike up a conversation with the "Character Sketch" guy at Art of Disney. the Djali pose they offer is the evil "seated" pose. I ask him if he can do a custom one for me. he says no - all of the character sketches they do are traced off a template (for anybody who's watched these artists do their thing, this should come as no surprise - the "line guides" in blue or red are actually drawn on the character as the final step).

    we kept talking and apparently while the WDW artists have to stick to a certain number of poses, the DL guys can freehand anything they want.

    now I haven't been back to MK to harass the Watch guy on Main Street there to find out if they have to stick to a certain character template, which I kind of doubt, but isn't that interesting? I was wondering if I actually had a unique peice of art, and it seems that I do. :)

    on one hand it only makes sense that Disney would have these folks tracing stuff, but on the other it's rather dissapointing, no? $35 is a hefty sum for a traced peice of art.

    then again, you'd pay a lot more for a lithograph of something....

  2. DouglasE

    DouglasE New Member

    Sep 16, 2003
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    I think you just scored a one of a kind item! :sohappy:
  3. mkt

    mkt Awesome

    Jul 8, 2001
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    yup.. the WDW artists aren't allowed to make variations of the designs they're given... not because they can't (you have to submit a portfolio for that job if I'm correct), but due to the volume of special order requests, Disney's Legal department wouldn't be able to handle the loads. At DL, where it's a much smaller operation, the special requests aren't as much of an issue.
  4. Creekboy25

    Creekboy25 New Member

    Nov 6, 2003
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    Do you have a picture of the design?
    I would really like to see it!

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