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May 9, 2005
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    1. MarkTwain
      Hey Randy, I was curious about your legendary site maps. My question is, how long do they take you? I'm about to do a buildout of DCA that I was going to draw a site map of, and to do it, I was thinking I would trace a screenshot of the Google Earth satellite pic into AutoCAD or Rhino, and then import the linework into Illustrator for the graphics. Is that how you do it? Because it seems like it will take an impossibly long time, haha. :)
    2. megatron_85
      remind me when your blog gets updated
    3. BriEcho3194
      Yeah I do
      I have a plan and map of the park like the area kinda and the land outlines all I need help with show buildings water and walkways lol
    4. BriEcho3194
      HEY! Wanna work together on the Outline on Disney's Seven Sea's??
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