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I just realized that the voice actors of Space Ghost, Jan, and Jace were all in rides at Disney parks at the same time. Gary Owens did World of Motion, Ginny Tyler did Snow White's Adventures, and Tim Matheson did Body Wars. 1989-1994 was like the best era for Disney World then. (Funny thing is, what major event in Space Ghost history happened in 1994?)
Annual pass details have been released. I'm not impressed. :( Expanded blackout dates. No Photo Pass. Maybe I'll just stick with my Universal Annual Pass this year. :(
Who here is planning on being at the Magic Kingdom for the 50th Annviersary on October 1st?

Let yourself be known!

I thought there was a way to create your own figmet character on your home computer.
Figments Friend
Figments Friend
"Anything is possible if you use your imagination..!"
Are you still checking in on this website??
Am I doing something wrong? I did notice that I was commenting on some old posts. Still trying to find my way around.
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