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Clearly this site has decided that anyone supporting Splash should at best be told to “get over it, Disney has made their decision” and at worst be flat out condemned. Even though prior to 2020 this site praised Splash Mountain as one of WDW’s best attractions. I don’t post here anymore but I’ve lurked and I’m kinda disgusted by the way people sticking up for Splash have been treated.
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You are not being belittled because of your opinion. It is because of the way in which you are reacting to a decision made by a company that will go on with or without your contribution. You are acting hysterical over their proactive decision to remove a theme with racist ties and you seem to be losing your mind over the decision. :hilarious:
Brer Oswald
Brer Oswald
@G00fyDad Even so, you going on someone’s profile to hurl insults isn’t a “good look”. I don’t care if he started it or she started it. End it.

I don’t care who has what opinion. Be the bigger person, or take a hike with the “moral superiority” act, cause right now, you don’t have any ground to stand on 🤷‍♂️ .
Again, relax. 🙋‍♂️
Can people here stop relentlessly s—-ing on my favorite attraction? Or is that just how this site rolls nowadays? Acting like it’s Stitch’s Great Escape or something...
It is rude to laugh at a post made as a serious statement. Please remove it and do not do it again.
Three years ago today, I received cruise documents for our DCL back-to-back on the Dream. That was the last cruise of any kind that I was on. Sigh.
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