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I’d like to challenge my ban in the politics sub. The reasoning for my ban are not consistent with what is deemed appropriate for other users.
Again, I would like to know why I’m banned when several racist comments are currently allowed in the Politics thread. Please respond.
The Mom
The Mom
I did not ban you, so you're asking the wrong mod. But reporting every post you disagree with is not going to help lift it.
Sorry, can’t post in the thread anymore but awesome to raise attention regarding The Americans. That and Halt and Catch Fire are the 2 most underrated dramas in the last 10 years.

Not related to your post, but cool to see
I'm at a 15 minute mile (due in part to previous broken ankles) and this Rival Run 10k will be my 4th 10k at WDW. I ran the 5k and 10k last month during marathon weekend. I'm always in the last corral and have managed to finish. You running a 12 minute mile will be absolutely fine!
Thank you! I get a lot of anxiety about finishing within the time limit. Have to convince myself that I'm there to have fun and that all will be ok either way. Thank you for the inspiration.
Pure, unbridled ignorance began unfurling before my eyes, behaving much like an autoimmune disorder in which cells that are supposed to protect the body politic turn against it.
Have you been able to get to Disney World lately?
Think Tink
Think Tink
Not lately. It’s been since August. I had a trip booked for the spring but will most likely push it do to some pregnancies with friends and family. Everyone wanted a spring baby lol.
Feelin' the Disney blues extra hard today..... it's almost been a full year since my last trip!!!
Looking to find 2005 cast member photos while i did my spring internship at disney!!! If anyone knows where i can go yo find them please let me know #disney thank you
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