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Hi. Just wondered if you were planning on making a return any time soon. Oddly enough it's not your news about the future I miss (although those were a great bonus, I am simply not invested enough in Disney these days to care about what is around the corner...) as much as your wit and observations about the present!
Hi! Saw you on the Weather blog post! We're going in late Nov so that's why I was reading ---always tough to pack for that week in FL! WE live in Aurora, CO! Nice to see another CO fan on the board!
You're right. If you want, I can change the prompt slightly to meet the criteria of being realistic. Don't say "no" just because you think it would hurt my feelings, it won't! :D
I also didn't realize that there was a character limit on these messages. Sorry, but if we could create a new technologically advanced system we'd already be engineers working for the black rat of Burbank. Sorry if I'm a bit harsh, but this challenge isn't one I felt could be answered. Please don't take this personally- that is NOT my intent.
I feel that I want to be honest with you, and even though I'm a newbie in here I've been competing and judging such competitions for years in Theme Park Apprentice on TPI. I'm sitting this challenge out because I don't feel that the challenge meets one of the main criteria it's being judged on- being realistic. "...utilize a technologically advanced system that you create." This isn't realistic.
*Also patiently waiting for D23 2019 to hopefully see official announcement of Zootopia at DAK and Zootopia 2 being the Disney animated movie coming November 2021*
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