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Every once in a while, someone starts a thread about their favorite attractions. It's been a while since I've seen one so I thought I'd post my current list of favorite Orlando attractions. They are at WDW or Universal. (Sorry SeaWorld.)

My Top 10 (in no particular order) are:
  1. Haunted Mansion (of course)
  2. Forbidden Journey (of course)
  3. Tower of Terror (an amazing all-around experience)
  4. Spiderman (much better than Transformers)
  5. Expedition Everest (but only with a working Yeti, otherwise Rock n Roller Coaster)
  6. Men In Black (one of the few attractions to try over and over again to get a better score)
  7. Pirates of the Caribbean (HM is better executed but PotC just feels so Disney)
  8. Revenge of The Mummy (probably the most underrated attraction in Orlando)
  9. Teamboat Springs (yes, a water park ride made my list!)
  10. Rip, Ride, Rockit (sorry but my favorite rollercoaster in Orlando; I might be the only one to give it a Top 10)
WDW and Uni both have lots of good attractions. If I made the list next week, I'd probably delete 2 or 3 and add 2 or 3 different ones.


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My top 10 in no particular order are POTC, HM, Splash, Soarin, TOT, Star Tours, EE, RNRC, BTMRR, TT I'm sure I left more than a few favorites out and those are just some of my favorite rides!


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No Universal rides on the list for me...I've only been to IOA once and we started the day with Forbidden Journey. I have never felt so sick after a ride! It wrecked me and my husband for the rest of the day, so we didn't ride anything else. :(

So all of my favorites are Disney rides!
1. Tower of Terror
2. Toy Story Midway Mania
3. Haunted Mansion
4. Soarin'
5. Space Mountain
6. Splash Mountain (when it's in good condition...the last time I was on it was February 2011 and it was rough. Fingers crossed for a better experience next time!)
7. Rock & Rollercoaster
8. Expedition Everest
9. Big Thunder Mountain RR
10. Journey of the Little Mermaid (favorite movie as a kid, so this one has to be on the list!)


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I can't speak for UNI or SeaWorld because I haven't been to either of those in recent years, so I'll just keep it to WDW.

10. Tomorrowland Transit Authority
9. Expedition Everest
8. Rock N Rollercoaster
7. Big Thunder Mountain
6. Pirates of the Caribbean
5. Spaceship Earth
4. Tower of Terror
3. Haunted Mansion
2. Space Mountain
1. Splash Mountain

Just missing the cut: Test Track


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My Orlando top ten? In no particular order:

1. Revenge of the Mummy
2. Twilight Zone Tower of Terror
3. Men In Black
4. Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey
5. Haunted Mansion
6. Pirates of the Carribbean
7. Spider-man
8. Splash Mountain
9. Popeye and Blutos Bilge Rat Barges
10. Spaceship Earth

It gets tough when were including all area parks!


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I love them all...don't usually go to Uni, so none are for there...must do...
Haunted Mansion
Pirates of the Caribbean
Space Mountain
Toy Story Midway Mania
Tower of Terror
Rock 'n' Rollercoaster
Test Track
Expedition Everest
Kilimanjaro Safari
Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Who am I kidding...these are on our must do list too, if they're open...

It's a Small World
Walt Disney World Railroad
Jungle Cruise
Enchanted Tiki Room
Mad Tea Party
Peter Pan's Flight
Under the Sea
Tomorrowland Transit Authority
Journey into the Imagination
Spaceship Earth
Journey into the Imagination w/Figment
Muppets 4D
Primeval Whirl
It's Tough to be a Bug


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10. Spaceship Earth
9. Jungle Cruise
8. Pirates of the Caribbean
7. Living with the Land (I love that greenhouse!)
6. Peter Pan
5. Expedition Everest
4. Toy Story Mania
3. Tower of Terror
2. Big Thunder Mt.
1. Tea Cups


1. Spaceship Earth Presented by Siemens
2. Dinosaur formally Presented by McDonald's
3. The American Adventure formally Presented by American Express
4. Hall Of Presidents
5. The Great Movie Ride formally Presented by Coca Cola
6. Carousel Of Progress formally Presented by General Electric
7. It's A Small World formally Presented by Mattel
8. TTA Peoplemover Presented by Alamo
9. Living With The Land Presented by Chiquita
10. Muppet Vision 3D formally Presented by Kodak

Darth Tater

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1). Pirates Of The Caribbean (Disneyland version)
2). Pirates Of The Caribbean (MK version)
3). Spaceship Earth
4). Haunted Mansion
5). ToT
6). RnRC
7). American Adventure
8). Splash Mtn
9). Jungle Cruise
10). Peter Pan's Flight

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