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I know we don't know for certain when everything is going to reopen and even once it does, I know there will be a lot of economic uncertainty in the mix that could also alter our plans. Still, regardless of when your next trip is, for whatever reason...what is the first Disney meal that you've got in your plans? Just thinking this is something fun and positive to think about :)

Right now, for us, it's looking like dinner at Toledo. How about you guys?


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Prime Time Cafe! Our first Disney meal, and the one we remember most fondly. It's possible it only tasted so good because we hadn't had anything to eat other than a breakfast sandwich all day and it was nearing 8 when we sat down, but man. Those milkshakes were to die for. Whenever I go back it's the first thing we're doing.


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Going April 18th and eating at Boma for Dinner! Just booked a back up dinning for July for Boma in case we have to cancel so, either way, Boma wins.


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There is an article on another site that says the Landry's locations (T-Rex, Rain Forrest, Yak and Yeti) may not re-open when the parks re-open.
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