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I hope this hasnt been posted before ..if it has I am sorry for the re-post. But with the talk about changing the GMR and the end of other attractions and rides .. I thought about why GMR is special to my family ..its because the first time we went to WDW the first park we went to was the Studios and the very first thing we did was ride the GMR. So I wondered what was everyone else felt about their first ride.


I was so little when I first went.. and there was no MGM or Epcot then... i think my first was either the Jungle Cruise or Pirates... perhaps that's why I think the JC holds the imagination and magic for me. :)


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My first ride was Dumbo. There wasn't any special reason for this, we just walked down main street, through the castle, saw Dumbo and got in line.

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My first ride at WDW ever was Star Tours, an odd ride to start on, really. There wasn't anything special about chosing it, since back then I had no knowledge of WDW.


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I hate to admit 1977, my first ride was "It's a Small World"....but to rub salt in the wound, it was an 'E' ticket....sheesh!:rolleyes:


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Dumbo....I was young :) Did everybody go on Dumbo as thier first ride in the early 80's? That seemed like the ride to go on back then.


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My First Ride Was Snow White, I Used to Get So Scared When the Queen Turns Around in the First Scene and it's really the Witch. LOL


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My first ride was It's A Small World. The only reason we did that ride first is because it was an early entry day and that was the only land open and my dad said he wanted to ride it. We did not have to wait in line we had the boat to our selves!


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My first ride is still probably my favorite today, the Haunted Masion. I was very young and i think we were just walking around and heard the wolf howling which drew us to it.


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I'm sure my first ride was a fantasyland ride, but i dont' remember because i went when i was a baby. i really have no clue, but i do know that i had a good time. i do remember the firs time i rode tower of terror in 96 and i just thought how incredible of a ride it was. but back in the late 70's i imagine it was probably the caroussel.


First time I arrived it was about 8pm and dark. We went straight to Epcot and the sight of SE as we got near was really impressive. We went straight on as the park was really quiet and SE has been a favourite ever since. I recommend Epcot at night to anyone, the atmosphere is amazing.


This is funny b/c I actually asked my Mom this question today.......My first ride was when I was 7 months old, I went on Snow White

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