Your Favourite Frozen Drink in Walt Disney World?


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Dear all,

What is your favourite drink in WDW? Share yours so that we can have a taste of the drink on our next trip!

Mine's is: Goofy's Glaciers!


It looks nice and it's a fresh treat in the hot weather!

Where can I buy this?

Head to Big Top Treats in Magic Kingdom’s New Fantasyland, or Goofy’s Candy Company in Downtown Disney for these brightly-colored beverages.

- EnchantedMouse
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Grand Marnier slushy from the carto in France.
I had been meaning to try this for years, but I finally got one a few weeks ago. O. M. G. it is amazing. I couldn't taste any booze at all (although I'm sure it's pretty light on the liquor, lol), but regardless, it tasted like a melted creamsicle. Amazing! I told my fiancé that we are having at least one of these on our honeymoon in July, lol.


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I am still trying to find my favorite...I've had 3 different kinds of margaritas in Mexico, I've had the dole whip float and le Fou's brew, but so far...none are 'me.' It probably doesn't help that I'm more of an "on the rocks" kind of person....but I do plan on trying at least one of the slushes in France next trip and maybe the Pina Colava. What I really need...a frozen version of an extra dirty vodka martini. I'd totally drink that!
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