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Your favorite WDW music that helps you relax/unwind

One Lil Spark

EPCOT Center Defender
Original Poster
Do you have a specific attraction you listen to on particularly stressful days to help you unwind? Perhaps some BGM that instantly calms you down?

Go ahead and share!



Well-Known Member
~ Innoventions
~ Soarin' BGM
~ Any WS BGM
~ Tomorrowland (2003) BGM
~ Camp Minnie-Mickey BGM

Among some of my favorites. :D


On the edge of glory.
Mouseworld Radio usually plays some very nice, quiet music at around 11:00 when I'm in bed, checking emails, unwinding before bed. They're great, except on the evenings Body Wars plays. I love the Body Wars audio, but it's not exactly the most relaxing thing in the world.

EPCOT Explorer

New Member
Good thread, Jenn! :D

Leeeeeet's see...

My top 5, as referenced in iTunes are:

  • EPCOT Entrance Plaza Loop 2007
  • MSUSA loop
  • Innoventions loop
  • Horizons loop
  • Soarin Corridor Music


Well-Known Member
Innoventions Loops
Future World Entrance Loop
UoE Pavillion Loop
Tommorowland 1998 & 2003 Loops
Space Mountain loops
Illuminations Pre Show (Both Versions)
Wonders of Life Pavillion Loop

The Empress Lilly

Well-Known Member
For rest and relaxation:

- I'll second Space Mountain loop.
- Magic Journeys. Such a beautiful song. I always used it to fall asleep. :eek:
- Horizons loop.


Well-Known Member
any music from Animal Kingdom makes me smile and relax...except that song Diggin in Dinoland. Whoever wrote that should be shot. I HATE it!

Actually, as I'm writing this, I'm listening to a version of If You Had Wings and I'm falling asleep at my desk.:snore:

Foolish Mortal

Premium Member
Absolute favorite is Polynesian loop
Tomorrowland loop
TTA (No not the new one :lol:)
France pavilion background
Muppet Vision pre show and show

Kingdom Konsultant

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Premium Member
I love the music from Peter Pans flight...I could listen to it over and over again. It relaxes me.


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anything from animal kingdom... I actually brought the AK cd to the hospital while giving birth to my son and it helped me breathe and relax. I'd close my eyes and tried to envision that I was at AK sweating instead of sweating from labor pains :)


New Member
I've been spending a lot of time listening to Mouse World Radio lately. My favorites are mostly from EPCOT (Fountain of Nations music, Illuminations, EPCOT main entrance BGM, and Innovations). I really like the ride music from Splash Mountain, and of course, Soarin'. Soarin' might be my favorite :).


New Member
I usually listen to the Furture World or Innoventions Loops, but would like to listen to the Space Mount. queue BGM. Where can I find this?

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