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Your favorite park to visit?

Which one is a park you look forward most to visiting? and Why?


    Votes: 17 23.3%
  • Magic Kingdom

    Votes: 39 53.4%
  • Hollywood Studios

    Votes: 5 6.8%
  • Animal Kingdom

    Votes: 12 16.4%

  • Total voters


Beta Return
MK. It's the first park I went to, and the one I spend the most time at on each trip.

I used to like DHS (actually I liked MGM....), but now the only reason to even go there is ToT. It used to be "about movies" - now it's not.


Well-Known Member
They all offer something different which to me is what makes wdw so great and worth a week trip.
Epcot is my favorite. Was by far my least favorite until I turned 21, then it opened up a whole new park in essence for me around WS.
The odd thing is AK and HS are generally 1/2 day parks for us, but they have some of our favorite rides in all wdw. Once all the new lands open up I'm sure that will change and they'll be full days for us.
We typically do 2 Epcot and MK days each trip.


Well-Known Member
Epcot has always been my favorite since we first went in 1983 as a young couple recently married. Yes, MK was good then too, but I was just in awe at Epcot. We tend to not go to any of the parks as much anymore, but still I still think Epcot is best.


Well-Known Member
There are so many things to do at Magic Kingdom. I guess because there are more "rides" at MK. Hopefully it will change with the opening of Avatarland, Star Wars Land, and Pixarland!;)

Susan Savia

Well-Known Member
Epcot has always been my favorite. There is so much to see and do there. Love the beautiful gardens, Food and Wine Festival, Test Track, Spaceship Earth and Mouse Gear. Illuminations is amazing.


Well-Known Member
MK... None of the others can come close to comparing. Its the one park, that the second I step inside I'm transformed into the child I once was.
Everything about it brings back memories of my carefree fun loving childhood, watching Walt on TV and dreaming of one day being at WDW.
Magic Kingdom is obviously amazing, but if you're driving, it's a pain to get to and that sorta takes away some of the magic for me. Animal Kingdom has so much momentum. It kinda feels like Epcot, but with better rides and more immersive learning experiences. That night safari looks amazing. If only they could get a Flower and Garden-type festival in late fall...

Simba's Mom

Well-Known Member
Not much love for Animal Kingdom, but I love it. I've probably ridden KS about 50 times. Unlike "stationary" rides, like in MK, animals may act different every time. Once we had a giraffe block our path for about 15 minutes-once! You just never know what you'll see. And the gorillas-has anyone been lucky enough to watch the bachelor gorillas for a period of time? One day, it was cool and they all had their little blankets, security blankets. Well, two of the gorillas decided to gang up on one and steal and hide his blanket. It was so funny! Then at the end of the day, a CM has to distract the gorillas by throwing food to all except the specific one going in. Then the person at the "night-house" calls on the walkie talkie to let another go in. As the CM told me, the path to the night houses is narrow, and l, if they get too close to each other, they'll play "push and shove" and get into "who's more manly" fights. It reminds me of when I taught 8th grade boys! So much to see there and always something new.


Well-Known Member
Animal Kingdom hands down. It's the most beautiful park and I love animals. I still haven't seen the entire park yet and I've been plenty of times.

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