Your EPCOT future world ideas


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Yeah, I'd love to see a retheme of the Nemo ride as well.

It bugs me because it keeps repeating the same lines over and over again. And it always sounds really loud for some reason. "NEMO NEMO. HAS ANYONE SEEN NEMO?"

It's also weirdly hot in there. I suspect it's by design to fit with the nautical theme, but I'm always ready to get out of there by the end.

Goofy Ninja

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I don't know if it's safe to have all these robots in one park. What if they decide to take it over? Then you got highly intelligent beings with metal bodies roaming around. They'd easily take out all the people standing in line for popcorn buckets.


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Yep, "Living with the Land" was the major attraction back in the day (before Soarin). That and Kitchen Kabaret/Food Rocks really had more of a farm and kitchen backdrop.

The Great Gonzo

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I do think the food would be even better with retheme back to Farming. It can be represented from entrees to desserts and snacks.

I can't think any good Disney Farming movies, so the Originals (Mickey and the gang) can in full farming mode. Like they are at The Garden Grill which is right above it.


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I agree and I'm totally with what you guys are saying. The Originals are the perfect characters for this restaurant. The only Feature Length movie I can think of that would fit is "Home on the Range". And that totally bombed at the box office. Plus people kinda dislike Rosanne Barr now, because she's crazy and possibly racist.

The Food has to be top notch. Because a lot of the food is grown in this same pavilion, so it has to be fresh and tasty. Thankfully most people already like Sunshine Seasons food.

The theming would be much better if it was a farmers market as well. Because the airport is one of the worst place to eat. It's up there with the DMV, your in-laws house and Hell.

Snow Queen 83

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The Imagination pavilion
----- (with major domo, an 80’s retheme of the pavilion)
----- (meet and greets happen inside for the captain eo characters. but unfortunately (or fortunately) there’s no captain eo)

If they can bring back the magic of how it used to be that would be awesome. There's a reason why people are killing each other for Figment popcorn buckets.

oogie boogie man

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It’s wasn’t completely proven, those 20 or so kids might have been lying about his... stuff. Even though a few of them described it perfectly... the stuff. Even down to the mustache and pirate outfit it wore.

"Oh no that codfish Captain Hook is here!"


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It would be great to have it back the way it's supposed to be. With no lame budget cuts because of sponsorship issues. Figment = Epcot and it's time Disney realizes that and gives him a suitable ride.

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