Trip Report Yet another Covid driven, back in time, trip report! April 2018!

Hello everyone! As many others are also grieving the trip that never came to be, I wanted to try to post about our trip from April 2018! To start, some info on how I got to this point! My little family has been planning a trip for April 22nd-April 30th 2020 since a few days after my youngest was born (4/21/19). My little family includes myself, my boyfriend J, our daughter baby K (almost 1), and my 2 older kiddos from a previous relationship, Son D (9) and Daughter A (14). Here’s a pic of the 3 kids shortly after K was born.

I had been dreaming of taking K for her first birthday, and her dad finally agreed to it come October 2019. I booked a room only at CBR when I received a returning guest discount code for spring of 2020. The flights were then booked as soon as they were released about a week later. The 5 of us had been looking forward to the trip and planned everything down to dining ressies and fastpasses. Room requst faxes were ready to go, and we had every day planned down to the minute. We were coordinating with a friend and her family's yearly vaca and couldn't wait to take both our newest additions at the same time! Their son was born in November so would have been almost 7months for the trip. Obviously craziness has happened and has pushed both our families to reschedule, so at this time we are currently booked for mid September which which will now land on my DS's 10th birthday and my friend is waiting until November and her little guy will hopefully get a 1st birthday Disney trip!

Due to all of this I am ready to relive our April 2018 trip!
Please join me as I go back in time 2 years t

Day 1- 4/24

It was the first Disney trip for J, and somewhere between 10&15 for D, L & myself. I had began planning this trip in September of 2017. I decided we needed to save a little money so booked 4 nights at Pop ( A first for us all) and 4 nights at Coronado (The usual resort for me and the kids).

The trip began @ 5am with our flight out of our small local airport in Manchester NH. We arrived in plenty of time and relaxed at the gate until it was time to board.
We fly Southwest. I enjoy the cheap fares and free baggae. With the 4 of us we didn't bother with early bird checkin and we all were early B boarding. We managed to get 4 seats “together” near the back of the plane. A row of 3 and the aisle across from the 3. After an uneventful flight we landed in Orlando about 11:15am.

All aboard the Magical Express and we were off to Pop!!! Upon arrival the room we were originally assigned to wasn't ready in the 50's building facing the pool. I decided that we would rather have a room that was ready and so we were placed in the 70's section. We made the short walk over to room with a fewquick stops to play along the way.





Our room was on the 4th floor facing the foosball area. The room was clean and plenty of room for the 4 of us. We didn't take advantage of the fold down bed as we just left it down the whole stay but its a nice feature for anyone staying who benefits more from a table than a second bed.

After a short rest we left to the bus stop and were on our way to Epcot! First Park of the trip! And J's first park!!


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A few quick pictures at the entrance before we were off to the first ride of the trip.


Ride number 1 was picked out by the two kids. Not only was this ride number 1 of the trip, but this was J's first ride EVER at Disney... and the kids picked..... Figment. Seriously. Poor J. He came off the ride with a look of utter disgust lol. Sorry J!


We then went on our first fast pass, SSE which went over much better with J, he actually really enjoyed it! After SSE we went on Nemo and enjoyed some time in the Aquarium.


We then had FP #2 @ Living with the Land, then Soarin was FP #3 before our Dinner reservations.



We had dinner at Garden Grill. Great food, great characters, and great first sit down meal of the trip!!! As we were leaving the land I heard a familiar voice yeling out J & I's name. Turned out a girl we both used to work with was on vaca at the same time and just happened to be in the same place at the same time as we were without either of us knwoing we would be there. It was great to see her family and catch up for a few minutes. After the succesful dinner and quick meet up we went back to the resort and called it an early night. Travel days are always so tiring!


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Day 2 – 4/23

My alarm went off bright and early! I was the only one who heard it and I let the others sleep a little longer while I got ready for the day.

I used the in room coffee pot to make 2 coffees for myself and J. We also bring a small toaster so I made bagels with peanut butter for the troops. I finally woke the others around 7 and after a quick breakfast we headed to the bus by 8. I was determined to get to MK before opening!


According to the pictures we had made it to MK by 8:30ish!


A pretty empty main street still but the crowds had grown at the hub for the welcome show.






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We waited over by the Tomorrowland entrance and headed towards Astro Orbitor for our first ride of the day. No idea why we headed there other than the fact we had fastpasses for the majority of the rest of land for later in the trip.

After the ride we headed to Our first fast pass of the day via way of fantasyland. The park was still pretty empty at that time so the kids were enjoying the empty walk ways.


BTMRR was FP#1. We arrived there about 9:35am. We requested the last car and after waiting an extra cycle we had loaded in! We all had a great time! Definitely worth it to request that last car as the ride feels so much more intense in the back!


We then made the walk back towards Haunted Mansion for FP#2. We met up with some of the Country Bears on the way.
I have no idea of their names and hate to admit that I've only watched the show once and after watching wished I could have gotten the 20 minutes of my life. I'm sure that is an unpopular opinion, none the less, it is mine, and the kids haven't been in there for 6 years. I don't think they are missing out! It was fun to have the interaction on our walk though!! We made it to HM by 10:15.



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After riding HM we went back towards Frontierland to kill some time. Our 3rd FP was for pirates but not until 11:05, and it was only about 10:50 at this point. We went to Splash and rode stand by in a pretty quick line, maybe waited a total of about 20 minutes.

After Splash we high tailed it over to Pirates and scanned in right at our last possible minute @ 12:05.

we caught a bit of the Move it Shake it Parade (Or whatever they caled it those days) on our way back to the resort for a rest.


This day our friends from home were going to take the kids overnight with them at Shades of Green so that J and I could have an adults evening together. So during our resort break I packed the kids a change of clothes in a small drawastring bag with a tooth brush each. We grabbed a quick lunch at the resort and got 2 refill mugs to use the rest of vaca. We went to the Hippy Dippy Pool for about an hour or so then got ready to head back to MK.





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Back at the MK we took some pics on our walk down main street.

First stop we decided was to take a relaxing ride on the Peoplemover.


We got stuck for a bit of time and the kids weren’t too thrilled.
After people mover we explored New Fantasyland a bit. We rode the train around the park from fantasyland station to Frontierland station.
Headed over to Adventurleand and got a snack of a dole whip float as I had been craving one for years! We got two to split between the 4 of us.
Our friends met us by the Tiki Room and took the kids off with them about 6.


J and I decided instead of heading to a park we would grab dinner then go back to the resort to relax with some drinks. Disney crowds were getting to him a bit so our original plan of a (crowded) Epcot evening wasn't sounding very good at this point. I can't remember where we ate but we definitely stopped to eat something on our way out of MK, possibly Casey's? Or just some snacks from a cart? I have no pics and no memory of it unfortunately!

Once back to Pop we refreshed in the room then headed over to the pool bar. We grabbed a drink each and then toured the resort. We took a walk along the lake and enjoyed the signs with the different facts about each decade. We checked out the construction going on for the skyliner on the bridge between the resorts as well. After our walk we went back for a second round of drinks. We sat at a table by th epool and just relaxed for a bit longer.
We ended up going back to the room and to bed much earlier than we had planned. We had texted with our friends and had decided on meeting up in AK the next morning. They had FP for Flight of Passage so were going to try to get my kids added on so they could all go first thing. With a bit of uncertainty of how our next morning would go J and I went off to sleepyland planning to sleep in a bit at least as far as Disney Sleeping is concerned .


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**Today we would’ve been arriving to Disney, sad that we aren’t but at least we are rescheduled and not cancelled! Looking on the bright side! Now back into this report!

After a good nights sleep J & I slept in a bit until about 8. We then got ready to head off to meet up in Animal Kingdom with our friends. We grabbed breakfast and ate it out on a table outside the back and just people watched a bit. We finally were off to the park just before 9.

We missed the initial influx of people into the park so although still busy we were able to leisurely walk in and not feel like we were going to slow down the masses that were undoubtedly speed walking to Pandora earlier in the morning.
I always love that first view of the Tree of Life. You can see that the park was quite busy by this picture!

We popped into one of the stores right by the tree and I found this shirt which sums up my relationship with J quite well! I almost bought it for him but then decided I wanted to spend my money on something for me instead of for him!

We caught the last few minutes of the Winged Encounters show before meeting up with the kids and our friends in Pandora.

When we met up the kids were telling me how awesome FoP was! Which meant they had got them on the ride! My friends told me that they got to the park pretty early and as soon as they got there she went to a Cast Member and explained that she had fast passes for herself and her fiancé but that they had ended up with the 2 kids last minute and were curious if they could get them added on. The cast member took the kids Magic Bands and moments later came back out and let them know she had added a multiple experience fast pass to each and they were good for FoP! So the 4 of them were able to go on before we arrived! The kids thought it was best ride ever! We had fast passes for it for later in the trip so J and I would have to wait to try it for ourselves!
The group of us went over to Kali for a mid morning soaking. I feel the need to take this picture almost every time through this queue line.

Another random Kali picture I take almost every time!

Partial group picture of my friend B, daughter L, J, & son D!

This was my first time on since they got rid of the center console area that would help to keep bags semi dry. I put our phones into plastic bags and tried my best to keep my drawstring bag dry. Not pictured were me and B’s fiancé, another B. Wouldn’t you know that the non pictured Duo were the 2 absolutely SOAKED this go around… Once off we decided to part ways as B & B had more fast passes to use. We planned to meet up later that night with even more of B’s family as well.


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My family went to the Tree of Life and walked around the path exploring for a bit.

We then decided to go in to the Bugs Life show.

After the show we were all getting a bit hangry so we went to Flame Tree Barbecue for lunch. Mobile ordered and found a seat down by the water. These Pulled Pork topped fries were soooo good!

After lunch we went back to the resort for a rest and some pool time.
We had earlyish dinner reservations at 50’s PT which is one of our can’t miss meals each trip!
We were at the bus stop ready for our night at Hollywood Studios by 3:15. Our reservation was for 4:15. A bus came quickly and we made it to HS before 4.

j got a drink from the bar while we waited.we were so easy that we practically had the “living room” to ourselves! They started calling families and we eventually made our way to our table

I always love getting a table with a TV!
There was a family across from us that had an excellent waiter who was really into the whole gig of being cousin so and so. Our waiter wasn’t the best but he did get on my teen daughter for having her phone out at one point, I can’t remember now what he referred to it as but at the time it was quite funny!
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