year you first went to WDW


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Welcome Sean and thanks for joining us and posting a question.
Our first trip was in 1995... Me, my DW and DS. I wish I could have gone much much earlier as I always dreamt of going as a child. As a child, growing up, my family never had the resources, time or money for a big trip to FL. So my dream had to wait until I was an adult. I wanted to give my son the trip I never had. Our first stay was at the Polynesian Resort for 10 days. We are from the state of Maine.
I hope you can one day find your way to go to WDW and enjoy all the things that are available.


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I lived in Florida from '89 to '92 and I know we went a couple of times, not sure what year I first went though, probably 1990. Took our first family trip in 2008 and have been going every few years since including a trip this August.

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