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Ya'll because I'm nosy....


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I'm still in shock about the revelation that everyone's favorite CEO is out. So I wanna know how did you find out that the first Bob came back to replace his replacement lol.
I'll start. I was minding my business on vulture.com, searching for a real housewives recap from tonight's episode. While scrolling the feed, I saw Iger was back in. Naturally I assumed it was a joke so I had to check out the forum for the goods.
Ok, who's next?


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I had just laid down to go to sleep when my phone started buzzing. It was my mom with a screenshot of the article. I was wide awake until around midnight haha.


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Woke up to a text from my sister, "Chapek is gone".

Immediately figured that probably wouldn't actually have any major positive affects like I'd hope, but I should celebrate with some soda anyway.


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Opened up WDW Magic this morning and saw the news. Several minutes later my DS called me and reported he saw it. I thought it was going to happen at some point but was surprised it came now. I’m more surprised with the news that Iger is coming back. Didn’t see him as the answer they are looking for.

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