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Yacht Club Room


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Just booked my trip for 2022 at the Yacht Club. First time staying there and I have a Woods/Garden View. What should I request for? What floor to be on? Corner Room? Anything special I need to know on what I should


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I would probably avoid any of the rooms facing the valet area along the northwest side of the building. The rooms are setback from the parking area, but the rooms facing west towards the pool and Swan and Dolphin convention center are a bit quieter.

Diana Cote of Flickr has room maps below-- though you will need to zoom in.


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Back in 2012, we stayed down on the very end of the first floor, in front of the Admiral Pool. If I'm reading the map above correctly, it was room 1032. Maybe it's because our kids were still young at the time, but I felt like we were on the other end of the earth and dreaded having to make the walk to and from the room with the stroller.

If this doesn't bother you, there were perks to this room. It's a corner, so we had a patio view of the pool, but could also see the woods and little waterway separating YC and the Dolphin. It's also a super easy walk if you want to go to that pool vs. Stormalong. On top of that, while we sometimes had some noise from the pool, it was usually a very quiet room location.

So, pros and cons to that location.

Edit- found a pic from my archives...it was 1032.

FWIW, this was the pool view from the patio...

And this is what we could see from our side windows facing towards the Dolphin.

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i have not been there in a couple years as the price to stay there has been a little high even as a FL resident and i cant justify spending $450 a night when i can stay at the Swan/dolphin for $190 all in. that being said the YC is probably my favorite disney hotel as we love EPCOT and walk right to the back and can take the boat to HS. the rooms were always big and Very quiet compared to say the GF and the layout was nice. Plus taking an early morning walk around the boardwalk was always great. if you in floor 2 or higher you'll be fine, most areas its only 3 floors i think except the main area that is 5 (the club level). funny fact is that the big suites in the YC are on the 1st floor.


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We're staying at the YC in April and are hoping for an early check-in and will take any room that's available, even if we have to pay for the upgrade! We're arriving off a red-eye that gets in to MCO at 6:00am and I'm sure if we don't get a nap in, there will be some crankity-pants by that evening!

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