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Yacht Club questions


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I understand the Yacht Club takes pets. Does anyone know where those rooms are? We don't want to be in that area . WE like pets but I am afraid some dog may bark while their owners are gone. Do they have a designated area?


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I believe most, if not all pet friendly rooms are on the first floor.

Also, from an FAQ
  • Dogs are expected to be well-behaved and silent when left alone during the day.
  • Dogs who are not quiet during the day may prompt a call to their owners, who will have just 30 minutes to return to their rooms to see to the dogs’ needs.
In other words, Disney doesn't want any guest to be bothered by noisy dogs.


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I have stayed there twice since reopen. We did hear a dog a few times during the day but it was 1 or 2 barks. I will say that I witness very bad dog owner behavior one one of my trips. I had a room looking down on the porte cochere and was sitting outside and could see people coming and going. There were 2 families that were packing up to leave and they parked one in front of the other. They both had, what I call, small yapper dogs(don't know the breed), but they had their small children holding the leashes. Well the dogs saw each other and went at it. Not one of the 4 adults did a dang thing, the children had to struggle to pull them apart. I don't own dogs, but I would like to think that some level of common sense should be required to be a pet owner.

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