Wow... really? again? bus accident


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Bus Accident

Sunday at Pleasure Island, we came out of the movies and Orange County police were all over the parking lot. They had a person in cuffs already and as we were getting out of the parking area a bus almost hit us while making a lane change, he was on a cell phone and checking out the large amt of police presence. He had no clue. Do you think that might be an issue with these bus drivers? :hammer:


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Maybe this is what happened:

The bus driver who a few weeks ago slammed into the back of a stopped bus, got off duty and while trying to drive home smashed the personal vehicle into a bus while making a U turn.

Maybe? Probably not.


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1. wftv is worse than the rest of the orlando scummy news reporting they screwed up the title involed?? involved!!! 2 you mean to tell me that there has never been a fender bender with a bus before?? 3 this was only reported because of all the other problems but this shouldn't even count! i drove by a fender bender today in font of the bank i'm made i didn't report it.

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