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Would you rather go to Tutto Italia or Mama Melrose?

Tutto Italia, Mama Melrose, OTHER!?

  • Tutto Italia! Who could resist Italian dining in the World Showcase?

    Votes: 22 44.9%
  • Mama Melrose! It's totally amazing!

    Votes: 19 38.8%
  • Other, which I will list below! How could you be so silly as to not include my choice?

    Votes: 8 16.3%

  • Total voters


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I've heard many negative things about Mama Melrose's and I wouldn't want you to have a bad meal on your Disneymoon....:kiss:


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Neither. :lookaroun I can get mediocre Italian food anywhere (and some really excellent food at home too). There are far better places worthy of a DDP TS credit.


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Mama Melrose!!!.. Tutto has had the worst service the times we have been there and the food was just medicore... i also love the atmosphere in Mama's so much better...


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Mama Melrose!!!.. Tutto has had the worst service the times we have been there and the food was just medicore... i also love the atmosphere in Mama's so much better...

Ditto.. its (way) below Olive Garden standards... IMO. :lol::lookaroun:lookaroun


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Tutto was great in Dec. Not our best meal but a good meal. Nothing beats a good Zio's though. ANYTHING is way better than Olive Garden, now there we are talking dog food..


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I see you are from Ft Worth then you should know about Zio's.. There is nothing better than that restaurant and once you go there you tend to compare big time. In Dec I had the Caprese and husband had some lamb thing. Went all out never eats that stuff he said it was great. Our lady server was really good and like I said or did not say. It was good and from what I heard we made the right choice on the two. But our best was Teppon now that is yummmmmmmmmmm


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I havent heard of Zio's but I will have to look into it... We also LOVED Teppan Edo (spelling?)... we went there in Dec. for our frist time.

I think the thing with Tutto was we were one of the last guests to be sat for the night (we even got there 20 minutes before our reservation) and they were trying to rush us the whole time. They would also stand against the wall and just stare us down, waiting for us to leave... and its not like we were lingering around.. we were in and out in about 40 minutes! Maybe less. They were also breaking down all the tables all around us (taking off dirty tablecloths and shaking them out) RUDE!!!!


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We like Tutto more that Mama’s. I thought Mama’s had a lot of “Red Sauce” items on their menu where as Tutto has much more selection.


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Zio's is on 35 about 2 exits North of 820 They have an on line web site just type it in and it wilol tell where it is at. No they are not a Mazzios. Nothing like that. Very good food and the one in Oklahoma City is not as good as the one in San Antonio or Tulsa. We just ate at OKC when we came to sell at the Affair of the Heart show.

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Neither for me. Good Italian food at WDW is rarer than a Pluto poo. Mama Mel has to be the most inconsistent restaurant at Disney and as a result not worth taking a risk on given the inflated prices.

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