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Would you give up Happily Ever After for a light Parade?


Well-Known Member
The fireworks you can see/feel from anywhere in the park. The parade only along the route (which I've never watched). It does however absorb a ton of guests, allowing me to get on rides while everyone's busy. Tough choice.


Well-Known Member
The way things are going with the oddness that these parades have been.....I wouldn't be surprised if they took the *shudders* Light Magic Route....

Surfin' Tuna

Well-Known Member
I would cancel my annual pass if they decided to give us a piece of garbage like Fantasy in the Sky or Wishes over HEA. It still infuriates me there are fools who think those two shows are definitions of good. I would rather never have a nighttime parade again if it means ICONIC nighttime shows like HEA.
So, we get a better show, a parade, and less people in the park?
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