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Worst Meal at Disney


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The Rose and Crown Pub......

They cut me off at the bar.


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San Angel Inn - Some years ago. I had an entrée dish that was some kind of beans with chocolate in it [sounded fantastic on the menu], it was a bland, pasty mess on a plate and uninspiring. I dislike the restaurant anyway because there isn't enough light to see what you're eating and that meal cemented that I just won't eat there.


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The TS at the Italy pavillion in 2001 and the CS at China in 2000. The CS was just bad lo mein and egg rolls. No taste and oily. The TS, it was either the food itself which was subpar to the local pizza place, the heat or both but lets just say it didn't sit well. :hurl: during Illuminations in the Odessy bathroom. Although I will say its very nice that there's music piped in there during it.


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Anything that comes out the Mexico pavilion. :hurl:

(Except for maaaaybe the Churros)


Sci fi food was plain awful. I forgot about how bad Italy was until I just saw the comment on it. Italy was more bad on service in my experience.


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San Angel Inn...beautiful atmosphere, but the food is horrible. But I am spoiled by living in an area where I have access to really good different types of authentic Mexican food...which I eat at least once a week, if not more...Mexican food is my favorite food in the world!

The second worst meal I've had at WDW would be Tony's. The food was so so...not bad, but not really good either. The thing that that totally ruined the meal for us were the bugs....I understand that this is not a problem all year (and I know other places have had this problem at times, including Ohanas), but it was AWFUL...some sort of knats or something everywhere...floating in our drinks, stuck to our butter, buzzing around our heads....come to think of it, I can't believe we did not just walk out, and that we actually paid for a meal we could not even eat. But is was our last night and we were tired and did not want any drama. But it left a bad enough impression on us that we will never have a desire to eat there again...it makes me sick to my stomach to even think about it.


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Hollywood & Vine lunch. We were hungry & desperate with no ADR anywhere. Not much selection, not much worth eating, we had no clue who any of the characters were (been years since the boys watched Playhouse Disney), and it was quite chaotic. We look back & laugh now. If you ask my family what's the worst we've had it's this one. No hesitation.
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