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Worst Attraction at WDW

What is the worst attraction at WDW?

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For me it would be SGE. It scared my kids who love Stitch and aren't afraid of any other MK attraction. (And it really didn't impress me either.)


Sounds Dangerous-that's the one in DHS with Drew Carey, right? That attraction is really a waste of time and I have to put it above SGE.


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I went with the new Tiki Room. Yeah I'd be a purist in this respect but I really miss the way it used to be! It was so enjoyable and the music was great and I loved the storm! When I was little I would leave there thinking it had actually rained outside. Seeing the 'new' version (which isnt 'new' anymore, i mean, it's been there for 10 years!) was a total let down. I really dont like it.


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You know that if you had of included Space Mountain and Haunted Mansion, that SOMEBODY would have voted them as the worst.

It takes all kinds and there is always something for everyone.
I am the one vote (at this time) for Mission Space. I was so psyched to go on it last spring because some people had died on it and it was supposed to be really intense, then I went on and basically the car vibrated back and forth. We might have spun slowly a couple of times. I pick up more speed on the teacups.

The other rides in the poll, with the exception of SGE, Speedway, and Tiki Room, I actually enjoy! A bad day at Disney is better than any day at work.

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