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World Youth Days 2005


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Hi folks ..

just wonderd if any of your friends or folks are in germany right now for the World Youth Days in Cologne

I just got into the subway this mornin and the whole tran was filled with americans .. (flags all over the place) :sohappy:
all christian pilgrims of course .. was so nice to hear mixed US accents ... *awww* :rolleyes:

(and before questions arise .. I'm an atheist .. but I'm in peace with christians :wave: )


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I wish I could have gone so badly, but this is my first week of school, so I didnt think it would be cool to miss it. I went to World Youth Day in Toronto.... and it was an absolutely beautiful experience. I can honestly say it changed part of my life. I have grown up so much since WYD 2002.

It is mind blowing to see all the flags from different countries waving around. It was especially beautiful during the mass said by the late Pope John Paul II. You just feel so united!!!

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