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World Drive Phase-III


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I took my test in 1993 - back then it was said you either had to do a reverse parallel park or reverse round a corner. I got reverse round a corner, and thankfully didn't get the double roundabout from hell so I passed lol!
Same here. I think it was two out of parallel park, reverse round a corner or three point turn.


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In my heart Im hoping they are prepping for the previously cancelled Fire Mountain expansion in MK. I just read an article stating that Tom Holland is being looked at to play in a live action remake of Atlantis so its possible and would be pretty awesome imo


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Just follow the arrows!!

View attachment 596811
If only most people in this country could do that. I have no problems with roundabouts. INDOT stuck a double roundabout (if you can imagine that hot mess) near where I live on my former route to and from work. If you planned on going straight down the highway and you got to the roundabout then you had to enter that roundabout on the first part, go around it, enter a small section of straightaway, then enter a second roundabout, go around that and enter the highway on the other side of the second roundabout. Dear Lord, Heaven above! When they first put that thing in there was an accident there EVERY SINGLE DAY. People were sideswiping one another, semi trucks were going around them and crushing cars, semi trucks would flip over, cars with misjudge their speed and fly into the roundabout causing a multi-car collision, etc. One car even ramped the first roundabout and tore apart the decorative wall in the center. It was an absolute god-awful mess here! Now, add that mess into the middle of Disney World tourists who already cannot drive a straight line without nearly killing themselves. I hope they set up a traffic cam at those roundabouts. That will be true reality TV.


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Good god…nobody with a Brain builds circles BY CHOICE in this day and age

they are absolutely terrible for flow and visibility.
They are amazing, problem is people in the US don't have a clue how to drive them and either stop before entering or try to drive through full speed

Carmel Indiana basically replaced all the stoplights and stop signs with them starting like 15 years ago.


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Could this also suggest an eventual movement of backstage Frontierland to across the canal? This would open up a significant expansion pad for MK and could be a compromise between those wanting TSI to be removed and those in favor of expanding Frontierland/Adventureland.

In addition, it allows for a potential hotel to be built along the lagoon with monorail access, and conveniently utilizes the brand new sidewalk to MK.
What's TSI?


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If you want to talk about bad traffic circles, here is a picture from 1968 of a notorious one in southern New Jersey. I went through this one many times before it was removed, it was a nightmare.

View attachment 596189
Looks kinda like what's called a "magic roundabout" without the little roundabouts.



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