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World Drive Phase-III


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I know there was a tread for this but I can't find it... A South Florida Water Management District Permit has been filed for the World Drive Phase-III. The way the road is being re-routed is interesting. Could this mean something is coming to land just north of the Grand Floridian?



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I know there was a tread for this but I can't find it..

Here's the previous thread -



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Why, yes! That’s exactly what it means. I mentioned this in a past life ~a year ago. Snail’s pace, of course. They didn’t build those bridges because they finally agreed the Grand needed a path, but rather because they knew a further monorail stop is impractical.
A grand expansion or something of a different theme?


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The new entrance area for TTC parking looks interesting also. Certainly more interesting if this extends into a larger roadway and cuts of the north end of the lot. This all kind of sets the stage if they want to add another Poly tower at the TTC, the Venetian plot, or North of Grand Flo down the road (no pun intended).


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Are the circles roundabouts?

Certainly looks like it.

I can't imagine a world where they are widening to a 4 lane highway to ease traffic and then introducing multiple circles. That's begging for multiple accidents a day. I'm not a traffic engineer so this is merely conjecture. I'm hoping those are just locations for ramps or interchanges.


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are they making the road any wider? I wish they would make both roads on the sides of MK two lanes.

the land behind adventureland and next to the new walking path with easy access to that road and monorail seems like a great expansion area for something. putting a resort there would really make it feel like a boardwalk type space which I think would be great for Seven Seas Lagoon.


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is the new road going behind Grand Floridian costuming? that's what it look like. I know all Grand Floridian castmembers have to park in that lot across the street and walk over which sucks.

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