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Work at Burbank Studios

Main Street USA

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Well, working at the Burbank studios is a lofty goal if you are talking about animation.

Disney owns Cal Arts, an art and animation school located nearby. Its prices are a bit steep, hovering somewhere around $20,000 per semester. There are, however, PLENTY of other schools out there who can teach you the same things at the same level for a LOT less money.

The requirements are listed at www.disneycareers.com

I believe they're under the "who we are" section of the site. You'll need to sunmit a portfolio showing them what you can do. The #1 most important thing to be good at when submitting is LIFE DRAWING. Being able to quickly and accurately sketch not only humans, but animals as well is HUGE. Tightness is a terrible thing when it comes to drawing the figure.

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