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Winter Park?


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I have a job interview in 2 weeks NE of Orlando (a little north of UCF) and I am looking for areas to move. I have a wife and two kids, so being in a good neighborhood is a priority.

I dont really know the Orlando area very well with regards to what areas are "bad" and which are "good".

I hear Winter Park is good, any thoughts on this? I already found an apartment in my budget that could work. I am looking for other potential areas.

I was also thinking the area NW of 408/417.
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Winter Park is a very good area, if a tad on the "yuppie" side (whatever the term is these days). Arguably the nicest of the Orlando suburbs.


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Winter Park is a nice area. Park avenue has great shops and restaurants (try the wine room). It is more upscale neighborhood. Rollins College is there so be warned there will be a lot of college kids (with a lot of money).


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I went to high school in Winter Park. We didn't live in the "old money" area (ie. Rollins College area) but it was a Winter Park address. Maybe a mile or so from Lake Howell High School. If you pull the high school up on Google maps look left. See the water treatment place right there on Dike Rd.? Just to the left is Lazy Hollow Place. We lived in the house right there on Lazy Hollow that Village Hill runs right smack into. If you look up from the house you see a patch of woods. We built forts in the woods there from materials we "found" on construction sites. There's a creek in there we used to swim & fish in. Lots of all-night campouts/parties out in those woods. Good times. Of course this is all back about 25 years ago. At that time this area was not yuppie, more regular ol' working middle class.

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