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Winnie the Pooh - Blood and Honey


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Okay, I have just seen this thing. It is an hour and twenty two minutes of torture . I thought Hollywood was done with that type of thing after the Hostel franchise. I’m a fan of horror movies but I can do without the graphic torture .

The best part of this is the animated part in the beginning that explains how Christopher Robin abandoned the animals when he grew up and they went insane, especially when they went through a starvation period and decided to eat Eyore. 😬

Cut to many years later when Christopher brings his new wife to the Hundred Acre Woods to meet his childhood friends. Obviously, it doesn’t go well for them. Nor does it go well for a vapid group of young women who decide to rent a house for a weekend getaway near the Hundred Acre Wood.

What follows is basically just a series of Friday the 13th style murders by a guy in a Pooh costume and a guy in a piglet costume, although the murders here are much more elaborate and disgusting, for whatever that’s worth. Not much, in my opinion.

There is no character development of any kind. I just got out and I can barely remember anything about these people.

There is a point about 3/4ths in when the whole thing gets so ridiculous that everyone in the audience started laughing hysterically. I don’t know if this puts it in the “It’s so bad it’s good” category, but it is what it is.

It’s all pretty atrocious, unfortunately. If it was more campy or tongue in cheek, it may have worked but this thing takes itself deadly seriously, and that was a fatal flaw in my humble opinion.
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Definitely agree with all that.

A friend and I went to this tonight as well. We were expecting it to be pretty bad, had a couple of drinks before and during the movie, and it was still bad. Had they gone with more of a campy "yes, this is ridiculous and we're really leaning into that" it could have been much more fun.

We laughed a decent amount at just how bad some of it was. The scene in the pool where Piglet kept just swinging the sledge hammer into the water... come on.

I swear Pooh's costume looked more like Shrek when you couldn't see the face.

Probably the funniest part of the whole thing was at the very end of the credits when it said "Winnie the Pooh will return" which was very Bond/Marvel of them.


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The mere premise of this movie has got to be the most digusting thing created, maybe in competition with the human centipede.
I mean, it is actually a pretty cool premise - that Christopher Robin grew up and abandoned them, and then they all went totally insane - but the execution of the movie is really, really bad - and the gore is totally over the top and unnecessary. The funniest thing to me is that they don't even try to hide the fact that Pooh has human hands. Also, unless the sound was wonky at the theatre I went to, the sound mixing is terrible. The score is really loud to the point where you can't even hear some of the actors' lines clearly enough, but since the dialogue is pretty terrible, it doesn't really matter, LOL.


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There's an article up on Variety that talks about the choices made and it just sounds... bad. Like not fun bad, just bad.

“He’s like the perfect one to die,” says Frake-Waterfield. “They wanted him put out of his misery because he’s just so glum and gloomy. So I thought he makes sense to kill early on.” Yeah, that's just... stupid and dickish. Screw you.


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Apparently its a trend. Banana Splits was messed up in 2019.

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