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Will we regret Contemporary


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So I priced out the Contemporary (garden wing) and switched our Wilderness Lodge ressie. Will I regret this? It was a great price but Beach and Yacht Club are the same.

I was thinking how convenient walking to MK would be and taking the Monorail to Epcot.

It really got panned in the reviews....


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We were VERY happy staying there. The monorail convenience is terrific, and we enjoyed the resort very much. The other perk we loved is that you are only a Monorail ride away from two other terrific resorts. Making it ontime to dinner at the GF or Poly is easy. I would go back there again if the price was right.


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So I priced out the Contemporary (garden wing) and switched our Wilderness Lodge ressie. Will I regret this? It was a great price but Beach and Yacht Club are the same.

I was thinking how convenient walking to MK would be and taking the Monorail to Epcot.

It really got panned in the reviews....

Reviews are subjective, and people are quicker to write a bad review rather than a give accolades for a good experience.

Put it this way: which park are you more likely to visit...MK or EP?

Honestly, I don't think you can go wrong with any of the resorts you listed!
My good reviews:
WL: best theming out of the 3 listed! Hands down!
CT: really good QS options and of course, walking to MK!
BC: welp, you can walk to EP and DHS.

The only bad reviews I could give would be about transportation:
CT: getting to EP via monorail was tasking, but not unfathomable.
BC: getting to MK, AK, & DTD was a pain in the neck because the busses always stopped at BW, Swan & Dolphin (even when the bus was full).

It's possible that you will drive yourself crazy weighing everyone else's pros and cons...I would suggest reading descriptions of the resorts themselves and decide which location would better suit your park preference.

Hey, whichever resort you do decide on you will be able to mark that resort off your list!


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My next stay is at the Contemporary. I chose it for 1 reason, walking to MK. I spend more time there with my kids than the other three combined. For this reason I can do without the elaborate themeing. I would rather bypass the "bus depot" and keep om walking to my resort.


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It's all such a matter of personal preferences. The Contemporary is my favorite resort. DH really liked our stay at Wilderness Lodge. And neither of us really cared for Yacht Club. Still...this is us.


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Honeymoon and multiple trips in Garden Wing (North in '85, rest in South now that BLT is on old North Garden Wing site). We love CR, especially Garden Wing. Your experience may vary, especially if you are focused on something other than what we were (3 kids) when we were at CR. I would make the switch in a minute.


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I love the Contemporary, we also Honeymoon'ed in the South Garden wing. As for a room at the end facing Bay Lake. You can go out a side door and the pools are close by. California Grill is excellent, Chef Mickey's is good and fun.


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I love the Contemporary too, I know a lot of people think that there isn't enough of a theme, but I really like the way its decorated. And I mean, the theme is 'contemporary," what more do you want? I really like the shops and restaurants there, and the monorail and walking to MK is very convenient. Last time we stayed there we booked a garden room and got a complimentary upgrade to the tower on the Bay Lake side, it was a really nice view there too.


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It's the contemporary!

It's my favorite because...
To me it's the icon/ landmark of all the wdw resorts
Walt custom built it
Close to mk
I love contemporary decor vs rustic decor
The monorail runs through it
Has top restaurants
The smell
The location
Express monorail to Epcot
Balcony viewing of wishes
Easy walk to mk
I love the mk view room
I love the wing with terraces

The list goes on n on n on... ... ... ...
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CR is my favorite resort. First, the room is big and comfortable with a sophisticated decor. The Garden Wing is very nice. If you are on the MK side, the monorail passes outside your window. I loved being able to hear the sounds of the MK drift over Seven Seas Lagoon. I enjoyed watching the monorail go by and the boats on the Lagoon. The grounds are nice with some really cute photo ops. The restaurants and shops are great. Ate at Chef Mickey's 2X that trip! The monorail going through the lobby is cool. Not enough can be said about the convenience of transportation at this resort. The walk to MK is great. At the end of the day, you have the option to walk or take the monorail back. The monorail to Epcot was very easy to do a cool way to arrive at Epcot. Busses ran fine. Plus you are staying at the iconic Disney hotel! One of the two original MK resorts! It is magical. Hope you love it!


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We stayed at BLT in August and absolutely loved it. We would walk to the MK and then take the mono home, which was seconds. Having the mono there is incredible. We took the mono to TTC and then hopped another mono to Epcot. The convenience of the mono is the best...the best. We didn't have to fold up our stroller because on the mono you can just wheel it on. We loved watching Wishes from our balcony. When it was late at night and my little kids were done for the day, I hopped the mono home and my hubby stayed at MK with the big kid. The Contempo Café is really yummy and the three shops in the Contemporary are the best!! Chef Mickey's is RIGHT there, too. The pool at BLT and CR are great with fountains and cool slides for the kids (and adults...haha). One night we went back to the room to change after getting soaked from the rain and headed to the Poly for their QS dinner...so convenient and then took the mono back to MK. Taking the bus to HS was quick, too. I really can go on and on.

Many people trash the décor and overall feel of the Contemporary but until you stay there, they shouldn't knock it.


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No regrets! Go enjoy the deluxe feel of the Contemporary. Explore the grounds. Walk to MK. Great shops! Love Chef Mickey's! Love the monorail! I have always wanted to stay there again. Haven't been since it 1st opened!:cool:


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I do not like the Contemporary at all and would much rather stay at WL. But that's me. You might like it a lot!

Everyone is different. :)


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And I agree with @journ116 , reviews are very subjective and so is my thought below.

Me and wife personally do not like Contemporary because the room reminds us of one of those Hilton's rooms which is not bad at all. I really appreciate the US history and the culture that's why my favorite resort remains Boardwalk. We stayed at the Beachclub last year, while they are very identical, we prefer Boardwalk a lot more.


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I loved the Garden Wing! We had a little patio, and could watch the water parade from our room. Pool is nice, beach is there, if you have a car, you can park very close to your room. Bigger rooms then a lot of deluxes, and it's much quieter in the garden wing then most of the Disney Hotels. Ok, theming is not fantastic, but the quick walk to mk, the food court, and the pool all make up for it!


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We stayed at the Contemp last month. Bay Lake Tower actually and it left much to be desired. The room itself was not up to "deluxe" standards (in our opinion) The walking to and from MK was nice as well as being on the monorail line. WL is our favorite resort on property. We love how cozy and intimate it feels and how it feels so secluded yet so close to the hustle and bustle of MK.

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